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Choose Between single early and multiple/recurrent claim critical illness plan and get covered for the highest number of medical conditions.
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TM Early Cover
98 Medical conditions covered + 20 Special Conditions
100% upfront lump sum payout of up to $350,000 for any CI
Coverage till age of 70, 75 and 85
Annual Premium
Manulife Ready Complete Care
Policy covers till age of 75 or 99
Up to 106 conditions with 18 special conditions
FREE Health Check every 2 years & Free Child Cover
Annual Premium
Aviva My Early CI
132 Medical conditions covered + 27 Special Conditions
Claim for Pre-Early Cancer and ICU Stay up to $25,000
100% upfront lump sum payout of up to $250,000 for any CI
Flexible Policy Term is from 10 years and up to 99 age next birthday
Annual Premium
AXA EarlyStage Criti Care
95 Medical conditions covered plus 5 special conditions
100% of Sum Assured up to $200,000 per claim for all stages
150% of Sum Assured for Terminal Illness
Choice of 15, 20, 25 years term or till age 60, 65, 75
Annual Premium
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What is early stage critical illness insurance?

Early Stage Critical Illness Insurance are standalone Critical Illness Plans which pays you a lump sum upon any early, intermediate to late stage diagnosis of the 37 LIA listed critical illness conditions.

What does early stage critical illness insurance covers?

Early Stage Critical Illness Insurance seeks to bridge the gap in the case where one is diagnosed with a critical illness but not at the “stage” where it can be covered by a normal Critical Illness policy. The sum assured of an Early Stage Critical Illness Insurance can also be claimed in the event of certain medical procedures done such as the removal of one kidney or small bowel transplant.

What are some of the conditions or medical procedures early stage critical illness can cover?

Some of the conditions and medical procedures covered for includes but are not limited to:

  • Carcinoma in-situ of specific organs (An Early Stage Diagnosis of Cancer)
  • Insertion of Cardiac Pacemaker (Early Stage Heart Attack)
  • Brain Aneurysm Surgery (Early Stage Stroke)

How much coverage do you need?

For early stage critical illness, it is good to get up to 1 – 2 years of your income to cover the expenses for unforeseen treatment costs, medical appliances and income replacement during your recuperation period.

Why should you get early stage critical illness insurance?

With more advanced medical technologies these days and the higher possibility of early detection, having an early stage critical illness insurance plan will provide you with financial relief while you undergo treatments. The pay-out should be enough to let you take a break, seek alternative treatments and allow you spend more time with your loved ones should you get diagnosed with any critical illness.

Who should get early stage critical illness coverage?

Anyone. Should there be a possibility that someone is reliant on their ability to earn an income at present or in the future, they should protect themselves with an early stage critical illness coverage.

What are multiple claims and recurrent critical illness coverage and why is it important?

Given the fact that there is a probability of recurrence, critical illness plans have evolved and insurance companies here are now offering plans that addresses these concerns. Such plans provide continuous coverage for early stage and advance stage critical illness should your condition persist, relapse or when another critical illness has been diagnosed.

What is the best early stage or multi claim critical illness?

Best 2 Early Stage Critical Illness Plan
Best 3 Recurrent and Multi Claim Critical Illness Plan

Can I buy two different critical illness plan from different insurers and claim from both upon diagnosis?

Yes, you may as long as the total coverage amount does not exceed SGD 2 million dollars.

What is the maximum coverage I can get for early stage critical illness?

Different insurer has different cap on the coverage limit, etc Aviva only allows a maximum sum assured of $250,000 per early stage critical illness policy whereas AIA can cover up to $2,000,000, however there is a separate claim limit on first time early stage critical illness diagnosis.

What is the maximum amount of claim I can make upon my first early stage critical illness diagnosis?

The highest max amount one can claim upon the first early stage critical illness diagnosis is $350,000.

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