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Why Get Retirement Plan?

Predictable Cashflow

Unlike investing where both income and principal are at risk, retirement plans ensures guaranteed monthly income during retirement years within a selected time frame taking away the possible risk of financial shock.

Principal and Interest Guaranteed

Retire with a peace of mind by having both your principal and interest guaranteed during the pay-out period if you keep the plan to the full policy term, this ensure you won’t be surprised by the lack of funds during retirement

Choose your Savings Period

Choose the number of years you want to save for your retirement, from Single premium or even save till your retirement age

Disability Income Coverage

Get your premium waived during premium payment term and additional income when disabled during retirement years

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Retirement Plan

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Other Features of Retirement Plan

real financial planning

Add Riders

Here are some riders you may add on to your Retirement Plan to protect your wealth 

  • Payor Premium Waiver
  • Cancer Premium Waiver
  • Critical Illness Premium Waiver
  • Payor Critical Illness Premium Waiver

Death Coverage
Have the remaining amount paid out to your beneficiary if you do not live through your retirement age. Ensure a legacy for your dependents in the form of monthly income or lump sum benefit


Choose your pay out during retirement or lump sum

Option to choose between a non-guaranteed lump sum at the end of your retirement or a non-guaranteed monthly income during retirement

Sample Premiums

Guaranteed $500 per month payout from Age 66 - 85 (20 years)

Premium payment term 10 years from age 40

InsurerMonthly Savings for 10 years
NTUC Income$728.62

What should you look out for when buying a Retirement Plan

  • Look at the guaranteed yield throughout the policy term which should be reflected in the policy illustration.
  • Understand the definition for the disability income coverage embedded in the retirement policy
  • Take note if the non-guaranteed returns are payable as income during the retirement period or at the end of the retirement period as a lump sum.
Critical Illness Plan

The biggest advantages of getting a Retirement plan certainty and predictability a retirement being created by you for you or your love ones

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Frequently Asked Questions

They are life insurance products and a subset of endowment policy that provides policy owners a stream of regular income (monthly/annually), usually for a specific period, from a specific age onwards.

The main difference is that the endowment plan pays out a lump sum during maturity, while the retirement plan pays out a regular income from a specific period during the policy term.

You should consider if you prefer a guaranteed stream of income for a period of time from a specific age instead of a lump sum pay-out.
You should also consider a retirement plan if you prefer a safe investment asset without the risk of losing your capital at your retirement age if you fulfil the obligation of the contract.

If you feel that even by maximising your CPF contribution to his minimum sum or enhanced retirement sum may still be inadequate to hit your retirement goals, then a retirement plan can be a good complimentary solution to your CPF life, moreover, you will have more control on your own retirement plan than CPF life given that policy changes are common that may affect your retirement planning later.

Most retirement plans provide principal and interest guaranteed if the policy owner fulfils the contract obligations.

An annuity usually pays out a regular income as long as the policy holder or life assured lives. A retirement plan pays out a regular income for a specific period, etc. 20 years from the age of retirement.

Most retirement product provides disability benefit during the premium payment and pay-out period. As such, premiums may be waived during premium payment term if the insured suffers from a insured event as defined in the policy contract. Some insurers will also pay out additional guaranteed income during the pay-out period of the policy.

Yes. However, you might suffer a loss of principal if the termination comes early on during the contract.

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