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Why Should You Get International Health Insurance Plan?

Beyond inpatient

International Health insurance plan or Expat health insurance provides coverage beyond hospitalisation. Most plans provide coverage for outpatient GP/SP visit, dental & mental wellbeing, health examinations, vaccinations, and even maternity coverage.

Worldwide Planned Treatment

With international health insurance, you can seek planned treatment with any approved country’s doctor or specialist

Moratorium Underwriting

Certain insurer provide this feature where medical underwriting is not needed and pre-existing conditions may be covered after certain years of waiting period and fulfilling certain requirements

Flexible Premium Rates

Choose the co-insurance and deductibles you are willing to bear to enjoy a premium rate you are comfortable with

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Get covered for anything, anywhere in the world.

International Health Insurance

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Other Features of International Health Insurance

real financial planning

Daily Hospital Cash

Receive daily hospital cash as a form of income replacement during hospital stay.

International Concierge

Enjoy 24/7 international concierge for medical treatment advise and care at your covered location

Region and Country Selection

Choose which region or countries you wish to include or exclude in your overall health plans

What should you look out for when buying an International Health Insurance Plan

  • Take note of the countries that are excluded for planned treatment on your policy
  • International Health Insurance Plans are not payable via Medisave
  • Premiums are not guaranteed and are subject to medical inflation and claim experience
Critical Illness Plan

The biggest advantage of getting an international health insurance is to provide more planned treatment options worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

International health insurance also known as expat insurance provides you with the option to seek treatment worldwide and enjoy more comprehensive suite of coverage beyond hospitalisation in a single plan

No, international health insurance is not payable by medisave

Anyone who travels often for work or leisure or medical tourist may need an international health insurance plan to provide coverage for their planned treatment beyond their residency.

No, international health insurance cost are base on your age tier and are still subjected to changes base on medical inflations.

Most international health insurance plan do not provide guaranteed renewability

International health insurance plan may cover pre existing illnesses for certain tiers of their plan up to a certain yearly claim limit.

It depends on your budget and your current financial circumstances. You may click on get quotes and let an expert and seasoned financial advisor provide you with objective advise and get you quotes from different companies to compare. 100% free & no obligation.

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