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Why Financial Planning?

Get Comprehensive Advice for

Wealth Protection

Protect your family and your own financial interest and lifestyle should unfortunate circumstances affect your ability to provide

Wealth Accumulation

Start with a goal and build your wealth to enjoy life and fulfil your dreams in the later years.

Wealth Transfer

Distribute your wealth to your loved ones with automated and non-complex tools to ensure your legacy is sustained

How else Financial Planning can benefit you?

real financial planning


Gain clarity to your financial situation with experts and decide what strategy you can adopt to meet your financial goals

No Fees

We Charge no Fees for Planning and Ensure you do not overspend on financial products to meet your financial goals



Buy and invest in MAS regulated products to ensure your money is protected by stringent regulations in Singapore

What should you look out for when doing Financial Planning?

  • Ensure that the financial advisors are regulated, you may ask for their MAS rep code.
  • Be transparent about your financial circumstances so the financial advisors can assess and give you a more accurate prescription.
  • Be sure to get a comparison on products across the board to know which provider or plan provides the best value.
  • Do your own research from reliable sources, do not simply rely on online sources that are not regulated and has no responsibilities on your financial decision making.
Critical Illness Plan

The biggest advantages of Financial Planning are to gain clarity in your financial circumstances and get the right product to meet your goal.

Enquire about Financial Planning

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Frequently Asked Questions

To put it simple, financial planning in the most comprehensive sense should help address your financial risk, growth, and distribution of your assets eventually to you and/or your loved ones.

While insurance is a major financial planning tool and everyone should have at least some forms of insurance, it is not compulsory to get insured.

If you are of rational and sound mind and have concern with managing your finance, you should do financial planning

Congratulation for entering the final phase in your financial life, if you have dependents relying on or someone to bequest your wealth to eventually, financial planning will help you gain clarity and streamline the process for wealth distribution.

You should provide as many details about yourself including financial information such as protection, investment and distribution plans including your current income and expense and family circumstances to get an accurate assessment of your financial.

Financial Planning allows you to understand how financial decisions you make can affect other areas of your finances. For example, buying a life insurance product might help protect you against disability and illnesses via a lump sum pay out. In such scenario, you can also adapt more easily to life changes and feel more financially secure.

Like visiting a doctor, without fully declaring your information about your symptoms, your doctor cannot prescribe you the right medication. The same goes for financial planning, to provide you the best outcome for your financial health, specific details must be disclosed.

Important life events such as marriage, retirement, birth, death, or divorce. Such event may impact your life financially hence its important to not only be mentally prepared but financially prepared for such circumstances and implement the right solutions for them.

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