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Get the Cheapest Conveyancing Lawyer

Manage your home purchase cost with competitive conveyance service. Buying a home comes with many unforeseen fees such as conveyancing, insurance, and additional buyer stamp duty. You deserve a better deal, even if it’s something as complicated as conveyancing

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Why Get Conveyancing Lawyer Service Through Us?


There is no escape, one of the compulsory costs of buying and selling a home is to appoint a law firm to represent you. As such, a conveyancing lawyer is typically the most economical yet old fashion choice to help you with your property transaction.


At Moneyline.SG, We ensure you that you will get the lowest market price from our partnered law firm. We list the transparent cost below for your property conveyancing. Cost is inclusive of GST, Stamp Fees, Search and Registration Fee.

What Function Does A Conveyancing Law Firm Do For You?

As Buyer

  • Advise you on the terms and conditions of the OTP
  • Conduct title search on the property to confirm the intending seller’s ownership and to make sure the seller is not a criminal or an undischarged bankrupt
  • Should buyer decide to use their CPF to pay for the property, the conveyancing lawyer will advise on the procedures and help to liaise with CPF on behalf of the buyer
  • Remind the buyer on the expiration of the OTP and on the date of the OTP is exercised, to make sure that the option is exercised for a valid and binding contract for the purchase of the property
  • Sending out of legal requisition to various government agencies to ensure your property will not be affected by future changes in government plans e.g. LTA, BCA and NEA
  • After completion, the lawyer will do a search to ensure the necessary details are updated and send out notices to IRAS property tax dept and MCST. The lawyer will then handover the keys to the buyer

As Seller

  • Prepare the Option to Purchase (OTP)
  • Check to see if there are any outstanding liabilities and to inform seller of potential penalties that needs to be paid after notifying the bank
  • Provide evidence to the seller to show the buyer that all MCST, Property Tax dues are all paid up to date
  • Ascertain if the sales of the property come with furnishings or tenancy agreement.
  • During completion, the seller’s lawyer will ensure that all amount due and payable to the seller and any third parties are accounted for and keys to be properly handed over to the buyer

Fee Schedule

HDB ServicesNet Fee (Includes GST & Stamping Fees)
Purchase of HDB Resale Flat$1,788
Sale of HDB Resale Flat$1,300
Refinancing of HDB Resale$1,500
Private Property ServicesNet Fee (Includes GST & Stamping Fees)
Purchase of Private Property$2,288 (2mil and below)
Sale of Private Property From$2,000
Refinancing of Private Property$1,800

What Should You Look Out For When Engaging A Conveyancing Lawyer?

  • Check to make sure that the law firm is under the bank’s panel.
  • Make sure that your law firm has already include GST, stamping fee, search and registration fees to the price quoted.
  • Take note of the due date to exercise your option to purchase
  • Buyer stamp duties and Additional buyer stamp duties must be paid in full to the law firm
Critical Illness Plan

The biggest advantages of engaging a conveyancing law firm through us is we guarantee you the best available price in the market.

Enquire About Conveyancing Lawfirms

Our Partner Lawfirm will provide you with objective advice and quote you the best deal. 100% Free & No Commitment. Retrieve your info using your singpass app or manually fill in the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, the conveyancing process starts from the time the buyer receives the Option to Purchase. However, we advise the buyer to engage a lawyer first to vet through the OTP before paying the 1% so that the terms of the contract can be identified and negotiated before the 1% commitment is made to purchase the OTP. This reduces any potential conflicts should there be discrepancies in the contract.

Usually between 10 to 12 weeks

Yes, this is because for Singapore Land Authority (SLA) to register the legal documents, they have to be signed and duly certified by the buyer’s and seller’s lawyers.

We are quite confident our partner’s fees are the lowest. We will do a price match if you can prove to us, you can get a cheaper quote.


If you are refinancing your property to another bank with an outstanding loan of $500,000 and above, we can assist you with legal fee subsidies together with your mortgage refinancing needs. You may not be required to fork out a single cent for your conveyancing fee.

Yes, you can use your CPF OA to pay for the conveyancing fee and stamp fee in full if there’s sufficient balance in it.

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