Best Regulated Online Trading Brokerage in Singapore

Find the best regulated online investment to trade or invest into different asset classes and international exchange e.g., NYSE, SGX. We have identified and compare online brokerage that are regulated in Singapore so you can be sure your money is safely invested, and you can invest or trade in peace

Why should you get a Regulated Online Trading Brokerage in Singapore?


Want to have a trusted regulatory body to ensure your investments are protected by regulations

Do it Yourself

Wish to DIY your investment in Singapore and Worldwide stock exchange including US & Hong Kong

Low Cost with Low Deposits

Enjoy lower trading fees or minimal deposit amount

Wide Range of Asset Classes

Want to get exposed to various investment strategies such as CFDs, Option trading or buying Treasury Bonds.

Compare and Apply for Regulated Online Trading Brokerage

These are some platforms for you to trade on.

Regulated Online Trading Brokerage

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What should you look out for when trading via an online brokerage?

  • What are the FX charges and Fees for converting SGD to other currencies to trade in their market?
  • Are you investing via custodian or CDP? take note you will need a CDP Account to be investing via CDP.
  • What are the fees charged on dividends payout?

Frequently Asked Questions

Look out for commission and spreads that you are comfortable with, check out what markets are tradeable and whether minimum deposits are required to start trading.

For a CDP account holding, the Stocks you owned are held under your name. You have rights and responsibility including voting and attending AGMs (annual general meetings). For a Custodian account holding, the brokerage owns the stock on your behalf.
Custodian account typically enjoys lower fees than CDP Accounts.

CFDs are known as contract for difference, they are leverage products whereby you are only investing a fraction of the total amount or trading on margin.

Stocks and Share – Ownership of the company
Bonds – Lending money to the company
Commodities – Gold/Silver/Oil/Wheat e.g.
Forex – Foreign Currencies

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