Compare Critical Illness Insurance in Singapore (2022)

We Compare over 15 Life insurers to get you the best critical illness insurance plan in Singapore

Get covered for early/intermediate and advance stage critical illness insurance and compare critical illness insurance plans from different insurers to find the plan that best suits your needs.

Why Get Critical illness insurance plan?

Multiple Claim

Get continuously covered beyond your first diagnosis by choosing multi claim critical illness policies.

Choice of Time

Choose your preferred time horizon to be covered for. Stop anytime without suffering any penalty.

Early, Intermediate, Advance Stage

Get Covered for all stages of critical illness in one plan, some insurer provides pre-early ci coverage for specific illnesses.

Stand Alone

Stand alone plan that protects you for what you need, you do not have to attach these plans to another life plan.

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Health insurance covers your bill, Critical illness insurance replaces your income

Critical Illness Insurance

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Other Features of Critical Illness Insurance Plan

real financial planning

Premium Waiver

Premium waiver can be added or are embedded in most multiclaim ci policies. This feature will waive off the remaining years’ premium in the event of the first critical illness claim and allow multiple subsequent claims for the remaining policy term.

Special Conditions

Early-Stage Critical illness policies will come with additional special benefits that covers adult or juvenile conditions that may or may not be a subset of critical illness, Insurers will allow such claims to be in addition to the prevailing sum assured as percentage of the critical illness sum assure. E.G. Diabetic Complications & Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. Such claim will not reduce the sum assure of the plan.

Pre-Early Stage Critical Illness Cover

Some companies provide pre-early stage critical illness coverage as a special coverage, such feature allows the insured to claim for treatment or diagnosis of a benign condition that may not be officially diagnosed as an early stage critical illness. The feature is usually a percentage paid out in addition to the total critical illness sum assured and will not reduce the total sum assure of the plan.

Sample Premiums

Single Claim Critical Illness Insurance Premium 30 Years Old Non-Smoker

Permutation: 100,000 Sum Assured for Single Claim till age 75

InsurerMale Annual PremiumFemale Annual Premium
Tokio Marine$931$967

Multiclaim Critical Illness Insurance Premium 30 Years Old Non-Smoker

Permutation: 100,000 Sum Assured for Multi Claim till age 75

InsurerMale Annual PremiumFemale Annual Premium
Tokio Marine$1,628$1,702

What Should You Look Out For When Buying A Critical Illness Insurance Plan?

  • Certain insurers provide Angioplasty coverage under the critical illness list and some insurers include it under special benefits and you will only be able to claim a partial amount for both cases, if angioplasty is under special benefit, claiming for it does not reduces your total sum assured.
  • Understand that there is a limitation for Early-Stage Critical illness payout for the first claim, usually at a max sum assure of 350,000
  • Premium for critical illness are usually leveled but not guaranteed.

The biggest advantage of getting a critical illness plan is that it provides income replacement should you be diagnosed and let you seek treatment without burdening your finances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most people know of critical illness conditions such as cancer, a heart attack, or a stroke. Critical illness insurance in fact covers more than 30 other conditions and it can be an important part of financial risk management planning that’s standing between life and death. Adequate critical illness coverage will ensure your diagnosis can be treated while you are provided with a pay out to provide for potential loss of income due to the inability to work upon diagnosis. There are officially 37 critical illness diagnosis defined by the Life Insurance Association which are covered by most insurers.

Early-Stage Critical Illness Insurance seeks to bridge the gap in the case where one is diagnosed with a critical illness but not at the “stage” where it can be covered by a normal Critical Illness policy. The sum assured of an Early-Stage CI Insurance can also be claimed in the event of certain medical procedures done such as the removal of one kidney or small bowel transplant.

All Critical illness insurance premium are not guaranteed as future premium cost for such plans are subjected to future claim experience.

With more advanced medical technologies these days and the higher possibility of early detection, having an early stage ci insurance plan will provide you with financial relief while you undergo treatments. The pay-out should be enough to let you take a break, seek alternative treatments and allow you spend more time with your loved ones should you get diagnosed with any critical illness.

Given the fact that there is a probability of recurrence, critical illness plans have evolved and insurance companies here are now offering plans that addresses these concerns. Such plans provide continuous coverage for early stage and advance stage CI should your condition persist, relapse or when another critical illness has been diagnosed.

Health insurance policy covers your bill whereas critical illness policy should replace your income, critical illness insurance should provide an option for you to stop working and seek treatment, it may also provide you with option to seek treatment where your health insurance policy may not cover for.

1 - 2x of your income for early-stage critical illness and 4x – 6x of your income for advance stage critical illness can be enough. We suggest you seek advice from our expert to get the right amount of coverage.

Click on get quotes and an expert and seasoned financial advisor will provide you with objective advise and get you quotes from different companies to compare. 100% free & no obligation.

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