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disability income insurance

Why Get Disability Income insurance plan?

Not total, partial.

Occupation Disability

Receive monthly income pay out if you are unable to work in your current occupation due to partial or total disability

Protect Coverage Gap

Disability income plan covers the inability to work even for mental health issues such as clinical depression that may let an individual claim if he/she is unable carry out their occupation. Such conditions may be a gap in most people’s protection portfolio.

Return to Work Bonus

The disability income insurance may continue to protect you by providing top-ups in proportion to the percentage of reduced income if you can eventually resume working after two years yet find a job that pays less than the monthly income you used to earn before disability.

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Disability Income Insurance

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Other Features of Disability Income Insurance

real financial planning

Cover Your Expenses

Get covered for up to 75% of your monthly fixed & variable income should you be unable to work in your own occupation due to disability or illnesses.


Shorter Waiting Period

Unlike a Total and Permanent Disability rider coverage, a disability income allows you to start claiming from as short as the 3rd month onwards after
diagnosis. A normal TPD rider requires 6 months waiting period of total disability before pay-out is made.


Rehabilitation Benefit

Receive rehabilitation reimbursement or payout to aid your recovery.

Sample Premiums

Disability Income Insurance Premium 30 Years Old Non-Smoker

Permutation: $3,000 monthly income due to disability till Age 65, Non Smoker, Class 1 Occupation

InsurerMale Annual PremiumFemale Annual Premium

What Should You Look Out For When Buying A disability income insurance Plan?

  • Take note of the coverage terms and condition changes if you stop working.
  • You will be required to declare whenever there is a change of your income or occupation
  • Proof of income may need to be shown if coverage is above $6,000
Critical Illness Plan

The biggest advantage of getting a disability income insurance plan is to provide coverage for own occupation disability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The disability income insurance is a standalone term insurance plan that pays you a fixed monthly income for a period upon your inability to work in your own occupation or the inability to perform a stipulated number of daily activities such as washing, toileting, feeding, dressing, mobility and transferability.

Premiums for disability income like critical illness and health insurance plans are not guaranteed and subjected to claim experiences

The disability income plan will continue to pay the monthly benefits for the first two years if you are unable to work in your own occupation or draw the same pay in a restructured role. Thereafter the plan will continue to pay you a percentage of the sum assured based on the same definition if you are able to find a new job but receive a lower income for as long as your income remains disadvantaged.

Yes, right after two years, the disability income insurance plan will continue to provide the full monthly sum assured if you are diagnosed to be unable to work in any occupation due to your disability.

Disability income pays a monthly income due to the inability to work in your own occupation and it is a grossly overlooked insurance plan, it is commonly confused with a total and permanent disability insurance which pays a lump sum upon the diagnosis where you are inability to work in any occupation.

The disability income plan provides a monthly income pay-out right after 2 or 3 continuous months of waiting period should:

The insured be unable to carry out the material or substantial duty of his/her own occupation within the first 24 months

And continues to pay should the insured remain unable to carry out any occupation to which him/her is reasonably suited by reason of his/her training, experience and education from the 25th month onwards.

Disability income insurance fills in the coverage gap by paying you a monthly income especially when you fall into the category of being disabled but not serious enough to claim for total and permanent disability.

If you are concerned about the event of being ill and disabled and unable to work but still must provide for your family and your own monthly expenses, the disability income insurance is a plan you should consider.

The ideal coverage will at least be able to cover your own and your house hold expenses as well as your monthly mortgage instalments, you may also wish to include your rehabilitation and treatment cost not covered by other insurance plans.

On top of providing employees coverage for partial disability, disability income insurance is eligible to be purchased by the self-employed and unemployed under a different claim definition.

The definition for claim on self and unemployed is based on the inability to perform certain activities of daily living. E.g. 2 out of 6 ADL

Disability income insurance continues to provide coverage for you with a different claim definition even if you eventually become unemployed for a period, however, different insurers will have a different claim condition during such scenarios.

The claim definition may be completely different from the disability income insurance plan we have been discussing in this page, such riders may only cover in the event you are totally disabled and may not be claimable if you are only unable to work in your current occupation.

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Compare Best Disability Income Insurance Singapore (2024)

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