Investment Planning Singapore

Plan your sustainable investment via Managed Funds

Build a sleep easy investment portfolio with free advice given by experts. Have trouble doing a successful investment? Let MAS Regulated experts provide you with investment planning advise with your Cash, SRS or CPF monies at low cost to make your money work harder for you.


Why Investment Planning?

Personalised Service

Have an expert assigned to discuss with on building a sustainable and sleep easy investment portfolio base on your risk profile.

Tailor Made

Choose from 1000 over Mutual Funds and ETFs or Let us help you decide on a customized investment portfolio with proper regulations in placed to protect your money

Do Nothing

Invest in quality assets and do nothing, end of the day it’s about time in the market and not timing the market.

Investment Planning Features

What else can you get?

real financial planning


Gain transparency on fees and charges and companies you will be investing in via the suite of investment funds and portfolios available for your selection.

Risk Awareness

Ensure you are aware of your risk appetite by going through a risk profile analysis.


Buy and invest in MAS regulated products to ensure your money is protected by stringent Singapore Financial Regulations

What should you look out for when doing Investment Planning?

  • Ensure that the financial advisors are regulated, you may ask for their MAS rep code.
  • Be transparent about your financial circumstances so the financial advisors can assess and give you a more accurate prescription.
  • Ask about the upfront sales charge and ongoing charges and switching fees if any.
  • Do your own research from reliable sources, do not simply rely on online sources that are not regulated and has no responsibilities on your financial decision making.
Critical Illness Plan

The biggest advantages of Investment Planning are to gain clarity on your investment goals to get the right investment product to meet your desired returns.

Enquire about Investment Planning

Our MAS-Licensed Partner will provide you with objective advice and help you compare insurance quotes from different providers. 100% Free & No Commitment. Retrieve your info using your singpass app or manually fill in the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investment planning allows you to sit down with a professional to go through your budget, time horizon and risk appetite to get a tailor-made investment portfolio catered to your needs.

With the advent of digital financial services, investors are often empowered to make their own investment decisions online. Often case are investors committing the mistake of hyped investing and FOMO. With a professional by your side, a more rational investment decision and portfolio can be crafted to suit your investment style and risk appetite.

Robo advisors are cheap way to invest into a broadly diversified portfolio which has been pre-determined by the investment managers, an even cheaper alternative for global equity diversification will be to invest into the ETFs on your own via the exchange.

With a human advisor going through proper planning, you can understand and select the right investment funds/portfolio to potentially beat the market with the proper strategy and risk management in place.

Charges are typically slightly higher than if you do it directly and on your own or via robo advisors.

You should provide information that can help the advisor determine your risk appetite, affordability as well as time horizon of your investment

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