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Learn about the different diabetes insurance plans and compare diabetes insurance plans from different insurers to find the plan that best suits your needs.

diabetes insurance

Why Get A Diabetes insurance plan?

Get Insurance Coverage with Diabetes

1 in 9 Singaporeans have diabetes, 1 in 5 have high blood pressure, 1 in 3 have high cholesterol. Don’t worry, let’s get you covered.

Cover for Diabetic Specific Conditions

Complication from diabetes such as amputation are common, hence it’s important to emphasize on the need for such coverage in the event of diagnosis

Tailor Made Critical Illness Solution

Get covered for the most diagnosed ci such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure & cancer.

Get Partial Premium Refund if No Claims

Enjoy partial refund of up to 25% of your premium if no claims are made during the policy term

Compare and Get Quotes from Different Diabetes Insurance Providers

Cover for High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and High BMI as well

Diabetes Insurance

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Other Features of Diabetes Insurance Plan

real financial planning

Coverage for other pre-existing health conditions

Certain insurers provide coverage even if you have chronic illnesses such as high-blood, high BMI, and high cholesterol.

Get covered for disability

Little known to most, normal life insurance may provide death coverage still with loading but almost none provide coverage for disability. Diabetes insurance provides coverage in the event of disability diagnosed due to or not due to diabetes

Simplified Underwriting

Underwriting questionnaires are simplified for such plans

What should you look out for when buying a Diabetes Insurance Plan?

  • Premiums are not guaranteed and may change depending on industry claim experience.
  • Your initial premium may be subjected to the severity and number of chronic diseases you are diagnosed with.
  • Type 1 and type 3 diabetes may not be covered
Critical Illness Plan

The biggest advantages of Diabetes Insurance Plan is that it provides long term financial relief for advance stage diagnosis of non-communicable disease such as heart attack or stroke that may be resulted from diabetes.

Get Diabetes Insurance Quotes

Our MAS-Licensed Partner will provide you with objective advice and help you compare insurance quotes from different providers. 100% Free & No Commitment. Retrieve your info using your singpass app or manually fill in the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Diabetic Insurance plans provides a lump sum pay-out on critical illnesses diagnosis, death and disability for chronic disease, pre-diabetic, or type-2 diabetic patients.

Death, Disability, and selected number of critical illnesses are covered

Usually, diabetes insurance has higher premium with selected number of critical illness conditions covered, it provides specific diabetic diseases coverage such as Diabetic Nephropathy or certain medical procedures such as amputation of limbs due to diabetes. Total and permanent disability can be covered as well.

No, it doesn’t, you may consider getting a cancer only plan which will cover early stage cancer and will not require you to declare if you’re diabetic or not.

While most diabetic or pre-diabetic patients lives a normal active life, it has been proven time again that getting adequate coverage will be a challenge. With diabetes insurance, getting protected at this juncture can provide a medium to long term financial relief should you be strike with a health condition which renders you unable to work.

Yes, depending on which insurers

Anyone with or without diabetes can apply, individual with clean health will enjoy significant premium savings.

Click on get quotes and an expert and seasoned financial advisor will provide you with objective advise and get you quotes from different companies to compare. 100% free & no obligation.

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