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NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire - Review

NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire — Inheriting wealth from your parents does not guarantee a good life, but having your own financial security for you and your family does. Heritage Solitaire is a life insurance policy that will pay out money to your family if you die. This whole life plan offers a minimum insurance coverage of $250,000 (up to age 100 or more) with guaranteed cash value of 80% of the single premium from the day your policy starts. And if that wasn’t enough, get a complimentary one-time medical concierge service when your application has a minimum protection value of 3 million! You and your family are now covered.

NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire is a retirement and legacy planning help that takes the worry out of protecting your family’s heritage by helping you plan for the future.

NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire

Heritage Solitaire is a single premium whole life insurance plan that provides protection against death, terminal illness and accidental death.

William, a 45-year-old non-smoker who lives with his wife and two children, has $2.5 million in cash available for investment. He wishes to leave an inheritance of around $500,000 each to his wife and children. William also would like to maintain his current lifestyle during retirement.

heritage solitaire
Scenario 1: Without NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire

Based on the scenario provided, without Heritage Solitaire, William would need to set aside $1.5 million in cash for inheritance and have $1 million for retirement, which would not be sufficient enough to maintain his current lifestyle.

By purchasing NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire, William can leave behind an inheritance for his loved ones, and still be able to enjoy his retirement with the remaining $2 million.

legacy planning ntuc income heritage solitaire
Scenario 2: With NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire

What are the key aspects of NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire?

1. NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire is a whole life insurance plan for Legacy planning

The NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire is a whole life insurance plan that will provide lifelong protection for you and your loved ones. It is designed to provide the highest sum assured at an affordable premium.

It provides high coverage in the event of death or terminal illness, so that your loved ones are well taken care of. You can receive a minimum protection value of up to 320% of your sum assured with With NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire. The minimum protection value depends on your age at policy entry date (age last birthday), and is applicable before you turn 80.

This policy pays the minimum protection value as set out in this Table, so if you are 40 this year, and your policy sum assured is $250,000, the minimum protection value would be $800,000 ( 250k x 320%)

Entry Age 40

Plan Sum Assured: $250K

Death/Terminal Illness Coverage: $800K ( 250k x 320%)

minimum protection value ntuc income heritage solitaire
Age-based minimum protection value table for NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire

Source: NTUC income

Extra protection in event of an accident

Additional coverage of up to 25% of the minimum protection value can be granted if the insured’s death happens before age 70 and is due to an accident if they have NTUC Income Heritage.

2. NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire has a guaranteed cash value of 80% of the single premium from the day your policy starts

NTUC Income Heritage’s Advantages include an immediate and guaranteed cash value of 80% from the day your policy starts, in addition to non-guaranteed bonuses that will help your cash value build over time.

NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire past investment rates of return

NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire total expense ratio

3. NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire has a complimentary one-time medical concierge service when your application has a minimum protection value of 3 million

To reduce waiting times at clinics, applicants with a minimum protection value of $3 million using NTUC Income Heritage can call a dedicated hotline to arrange for a medical check-up as well as complimentary transport.

Who are suitable for NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire?

1. People who want to leave an inheritance for their family

2. Those who likes to have a high guaranteed cash value of the single premium from the day their policy starts

See how NTUC Income Heritage Solitaire stacks up against the competition

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