celebrating mooncake festival

3 Easy Ways to Celebrate MoonCake Festivals

Easy Ways to Celebrate the Mooncake Festival This year’s Mooncake Festival falls on 13th September, Friday, and the city has been abuzz with excitement over the latest and newest mooncake flavours. A long-standing tradition, families come together to partake of

stop procrastination

6 Effective Ways to Stop Procrastination

6 Effective Ways to Stop Procrastination From young, it has been ingrained in us that as productive humans, we need to be constantly busy and actively participating in work that could help move us forward and upward. When constantly faced

Learn a new language

4 Cheap Ways to Learn a New Language

Cheap Ways to Learn a New Language Cosmopolitan Singapore has been called a melting pot of different cultures with its people’s colourful heritage and traditions to call our own. To add to the mix, we have been seeing an increasing

beating the heat in singapore

4 Simple Ways to Beat the Heat in Singapore

In Sunny Singapore, the heat has becoming more unbearable with Singaporeans retreating indoors to their air-conditioners

Chronic Diseases

The Rise of Chronic Diseases: How Bubble Teas are Killing Us?

There recently came the horrifying news of a Chinese 16-year-old teenager almost losing his life due to the overconsumption of bubble tea

MSIG Pre ex travel insurance

MSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex Travel Insurance Covers Your Pre-Existing Condition

Despite being “seasoned and experienced” travellers, many of us still make the novice mistake of forgetting our travel insurance. If you have a pre-existing condition and yet loves to travel, you must get a pre-ex travel insurance

manicure on a budget

Professional Manicures on a Budget in Singapore

Extravagant and fancy gelish nail manicures and pedicures have become so commonplace nowadays that every other Singaporean “Influencer” on Instagram would never be caught posing for product or lifestyle photos without a full set of bling-ed up gelish extensions.

one day in sg

One day itinerary in Singapore – Fuss free attraction within 24 hours

We recently had a friend visit our Sunny island during a brief stopover with just one night and one day to tour all of Singapore’s major attractions. If you have absolutely no idea how to cram all of Singapore’s goodies

eco friendly

Simple Ways to be Part of the Eco-Friendly Movement

It has been almost 30 years since Captain Planet started airing on television, creating awareness on the detrimental impacts of modern-day human habits on the environment, yet the world is in an even worse state than before.

earning cashback and rewards in singapore

Simple ways to start earning cashback and rewards in Singapore

Once you start working, you might observe that there are many ways to earn cashback or perks from spending, if you know how to make use of the different platforms wisely