Keeping Up with the Millennial Fits-po (fitness-inspiration)

Fitness subscriptions such as ClassPass and KFIT have been all the rage recently, where you pay a monthly subscription fee that gives you certain amount of credits to attend various classes such as barre, HIIT, yoga, pilates and spin class.

Bachelorette party idea

#Basic Bachelorette Party Ideas 2019 – Moneyline.SG

Congratulations! You have been recently crowned maid-of-honour, the right-hand woman of your bestie throughout her wedding preparations, and one of your most important roles will be planning her entire bachelorette’s party aka. hen’s night or hen’s do

budget travel idea

Budget Travel Hacks for the Singaporean Auntie in You (part 1)

So, like any other good Millennial, you have a constant thirst for travel and new experiences outside of this tiny red dot. This phenomenon is widely known to be due to #wanderlust.

4 Things Financially Savvy Singaporeans Always Do Without Fail

Being a financially savvy Singaporean can mean a lot of things to different people. But it all boils down to one key action in the area of savings, protection, debt management and investing

6 Simple Things That Every Singaporean Can Do To Move Up The Social Ladder

Not too long ago, socioeconomic status (SES) was all the rage among Singaporeans, all thanks to a Social Studies textbook. Thereafter, the debate of social mobility in Singapore started. We even had our DPM Tharman coming out to talk about

Unconventional Mother’s Day Ideas

We are approaching the day in the year to officially tell your mommy how much she means to you.

4 Simple Ways to Destress Over the Weekend

For office workers, weekends are a great time to destress and recalibrate your bodies and minds from the never-ending hustle and bustle of the week. If you realise that you feel fatigued the moment you sit down at your office