One day itinerary in Singapore – Fuss free attraction within 24 hours

We recently had a friend visit our Sunny island during a brief stopover with just one night and one day to tour all of Singapore’s major attractions. If you have absolutely no idea how to cram all of Singapore’s goodies into just a single day, follow this proven guide for a happy and satisfied tourist:

Attraction 1: Jewel Changi

one day itinerary in singapore

Definitely the closest thing to Paradise in our little garden city, and the most convenient first stop (assuming they land in Changi Airport), whisk your tourist directly from the Arrival gates into the centre of the Avatar-esque garden to enjoy the wonderous air-conditioned dome and refreshing massive waterfall in the middle of it all, before you ruin the fantasy with the true humidity and warmth of our equatorial climate as you usher them to the next stop.

Attraction 2: Chinatown

one day itinerary in singapore

I never knew you could stay one night in Singapore (with an air-conditioned room, equipped kitchen with free flow refreshments and modern bathrooms) for less than S$30 per pax! There are many local hostels that have been highly-rated on Trip Advisor in the vicinity of Chinatown and Clarke Quay, which proved to be an excellent base to explore the local and tourist areas on foot. Be sure to bring your traveller to eat at one of the hawker centres in the area for the best local and most authentic dining experience (eg. Chinatown Complex Food Centre or Hong Lim Food Centre), then to see the Buddhist Relic Temple (pictured above).

Attraction 3: Nightlife at Clarke Quay

one day itinerary in singapore

If you want to pay us (Moneyline.SG) a visit, or once your tummies have been lined with (ideally) greasy hawker fare – head on over to Clarke Quay for the famous Singapore night scene for a couple drinks right along the Singapore river, before heading into one of the renowned clubs in the area for a blindingly good time. The area is also peppered with supper joints in case your friend refuses to retire for the only night they have here, even at 5am in the morning.

Attraction 4: Traditional local breakfast

one day itinerary in singapore

kaya toast and coffee set

Drag your hungover tourist out of their bunk bed and into the loving embrace of thinly sliced kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs and kopi. Don’t let them indulge in the traditional flavours and aromas for too long as precious time ticks away before you have to whisk them back to the departure gates!

Attraction 5: Singapore Zoological Gardens

one day itinerary in singapore

Dubbed the World’s Best Rainforest Zoo, a pitstop here will definitely be a treat for both your traveller friend and you – especially if you haven’t been back to visit since Primary school, giving yourself a chance to reminisce in early childhood memories. Take the guided tram ride (S$5/Adult) around the zoo for an easy and efficient way to see the entire safari grounds without burning too much time in the schedule.

Attraction 6: Gardens by the Bay

one day itinerary in singapore

No trip to Singapore will be complete without seeing Gardens by the Bay! The dazzling light show after-dark is the perfect way to wind down after a whirlwind trip in this Green City. Enjoy some quality time with your pal while basking under the glow of the world famous Supertrees. And more importantly, it is free admission into the Supertree Grove, your friend will definitely be living and queueing like the locals in no time!

Last stop: Changi Airport Terminals

one day itinerary in singapore

It’s almost time to say goodbye, but not before one last precious meal here (seeing how Singaporean foodies treasure every local meal they get whether in Singapore or abroad). Besides the great selection of reasonably priced food in the terminals, there are also attractions such as the Butterfly Garden and various art installations around the airport. Your buddy can spend their last few moments in Singapore enjoying another local attraction – the World’s Best Airport!

And there you have it, Singapore in 24 hours! You can pat yourself on your back as you are now a certified 1-day tour guide. Time to retreat back home with your bubble tea back in the heartlands, only returning to another tourist attraction the next time a foreign friend visits.

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