5 Ways to Combat Haze in Singapore

The haze is back. As much as we dread the return of this respiratory threat, there is little that we can do to prevent this trans-boundary occurrence. Here are a couple of ways to not let the haze affect you and your wellbeing.

Drink lots of water

Combat Haze

Singapore is extremely warm and humid. Being located just beside the equator and with global warming, our shores are heating up. It’s crucial that you keep yourself hydrated! Try adding a slice of lemon or cucumber or even berries for that bit of taste and anti-oxidant magic.

Wear a mask

Combat Haze

Scientifically speaking, haze is an atmospheric phenomenon where smoke and dust particles are trapped together, shrouding our environment thereby reducing visibility. This is extremely bad for our lungs. Consider wearing a dust or particle-free mask when heading out. N95 mask is in particular, recommended by several sources for its ability to filter a high percentage of fine particles that are harmful to us. 

Stay indoors

Combat Haze

This might sound like bad news to some, but we’ve got a few ideas to get you covered. Refrain from outdoor sports. Instead, hit the gym with a couple of friends for your weekly workout or dance routine. Some malls even offer indoor bouldering centers (e.g. SingPost Centre or Kallang Wave Mall) where you could get a good climbing workout. Explore new malls like Jewel at Changi Airport or grab a good read at one of our public libraries in town. For the nature loving, explore the Flower Dome or the Cloud Forest for some fresh air.

Purify your home with plants

Combat Haze

Certain plant species are known to be useful in purifying the air and thus good to have at home. Some suggestions include snake plant (aka Mother-in-law’s Tongue), aloe vera, peace lily, and Boston fern, just to name a few. These plants are known to absorb toxins from the air and release oxygen at night, refreshing the quality of air in our homes.

Protect your skin

Combat Haze

If you do head out, remember to put on a dash of sunbloc as a preventive measure against the invisible UV rays. It’s also important to keep your skin fresh and hydrated by keeping to a regular cleansing regime. In the evening, put on a facial mask for that hydration boost and to smooth yourself into a relaxing sleep.

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