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5 Pay 10 Savings Plan Review The Best Options for Singaporeans

5 Pay 10 Savings Plan Review: The Best Options for Singaporeans

Watching your savings grow at a snail’s pace can be frustrating, especially in Singapore. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a way to boost your returns and reach your financial goals faster, a 5 pay 10 savings plan might be the answer. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know.

What exactly is a 5 Pay 10 Savings Plan?

A 5 pay 10 savings plan is a type of endowment plan. Here’s the gist:

  1. You pay premiums for 5 years.
  2. Your money is invested. (The specifics depend on the plan.)
  3. After 10 years, you get a lump sum payout. This includes your invested money and any returns

It’s a medium-term way to grow your savings while potentially getting some tax benefits.

Benefits of a 5 Pay 10 Savings Plan

5 Pay 10 Savings Plans offer a range of advantages for Singaporeans looking to boost their savings and reach their financial goals. To better understand the appeal, let’s break down the key benefits:

Benefit Description
Forced Savings Regular payments promote disciplined saving habits.
Potential for Higher Returns May offer better returns compared to standard savings accounts.
Tax Benefits Possible tax reliefs on premiums paid may be available.
Protection Some plans offer a built-in insurance component for added security.

If you’re seeking a structured way to save with potential for growth and additional perks, a 5 Pay 10 Savings Plan could be a smart choice.

Is a 5 Pay 10 Savings Plan Right for You?

Before jumping in, ask yourself:

  • Financial Goals: Does this align with your savings targets?
  • Risk Tolerance: Can you handle some market fluctuations?
  • Flexibility: Early withdrawal may result in penalties.

The Best 5 Pay 10 Savings Plans in Singapore

Importantly, not all plans are created equal. Let’s look at some top contenders:

#1 – HSBC Savings Protector

If stability and guaranteed returns are your top priorities, HSBC Savings Protector II (5 Pay) is worth considering.

5 Pay 10 endowment - HSBC Savings Protector

Key Features of HSBC Savings Protector:

    • This plan focuses on stability focus on stability and guaranteed returns.
    • Therefore, it’s ideal for those seeking a low-risk option.

Best For:

This plan is a good choice for risk-averse savers who prioritize a guaranteed return on their investment.

#2 – Income Gro Saver Flex Pro 

Income Gro Saver Flex Pro strikes a balance between growth potential and security.

5 Pay 10 Savings Plan Review - Income Gro Saver Flex Pro

Key Features Income Gro Saver Flex Pro :

    • Potential for slightly higher returns than HSBC.
    • Offers some flexibility regarding premium payments.
    • Suitable for those seeking a balance of growth and security.

Best for:

This plan may be appealing if you want the potential for better returns than a purely conservative option while still maintaining some stability.

#3 – China Taiping i-Wealth Saver

China Taiping i-Wealth Saver is a solid option if you’re looking for competitive returns and have a moderate risk appetite.

5 Pay 10 Savings Plan Review - China Taiping i-Wealth Saver

Key Features China Taiping i-Wealth Saver:

    • Provides competitive returns.
    • A good option for moderate risk tolerance.

Best for:

This plan might be right for you if you are comfortable with a degree of market fluctuation in exchange for the possibility of better returns.

#4 – Etiqa Enrich Saver

Etiqa Enrich Saver aims to maximize returns, making it best suited for those willing to accept some risk.

5 Pay 10 Savings Plan Review - Etiqa Enrich Saver5 Pay 10 Savings Plan Review - Etiqa Enrich Saver

Key Features Etiqa Enrich Saver:

    • Balances guaranteed and non-guaranteed returns.
    • Offers the highest potential returns in the table.
    • Best for those willing to accept some risk for higher growth potential.

Best for:

If you have a higher risk tolerance and a longer investment horizon, this plan’s potential for high returns could be attractive.

#5 – Singlife Choice Saver

Singlife Choice Saver offers flexibility and moderate potential returns, making it a balanced option.

5 Pay 10 Endowment - Singlife Choice Saver

Key Features Singlife Choice Saver:

    • Slightly higher potential returns compared to HSBC.
    • More flexibility in premium payment options.
    • Good for those wanting a balance of growth potential and flexibility.

Best for:

This plan is a good fit if you want some flexibility and a chance for slightly higher returns than the most conservative choices.

Absolutely! Here’s the section for the China Life SaveForward Endowment Plan:

#6 – China Life SaveForward Endowment Plan

China Life SaveForward Endowment Plan offers a profile similar to other 5 pay 10 savings plans and aims for competitive returns.

China Life SaveForward Endowment Plan

Key Features of China Life SaveForward Endowment Plan:

    • Similar profile to other 5 pay 10 savings plans.
    • Offers competitive returns.
    • Suitable for those with moderate risk tolerance.

Best for:

This plan is a good option if you’re comfortable with some market fluctuations and seek a standard 5 pay 10 savings plan structure.

Key Points of Comparison of 5 Pay 10 Savings Plans

To make an informed decision, it’s important to compare these plans side-by-side. Here’s a table summarizing key points of comparison:

  • Annual Premium: All plans require a $10,000 annual premium commitment, except Etiqa Enrich Saver, which has a slightly higher premium.
  • Premium Term: Most plans have a 5-year premium payment term, while Etiqa Enrich Saver has a longer 10-year term.
  • Guaranteed Amount: The guaranteed amounts (the minimum you’ll receive) vary slightly across plans.
  • Total Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed Amounts: These columns show potential returns at lower and higher investment performance rates, but are not guaranteed. Plans like Etiqa Enrich Saver and Singlife Choice Saver seem to offer higher potential returns than HSBC Savings Protector II.
Company Plan Annual Premium (S$) Premium Term (Years) Total Premium (S$) Coverage Term (Years) Guaranteed Amount (S$) Total Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed at Lower Rate (S$) Total Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed at Higher Rate (S$)
1. HSBC Life (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Savings Protector II (5 Pay) 10,000 5 50,000 10 50,000 54,387 59,318
2. Income Insurance Limited Gro Saver Flex Pro (RP) 10,000 5 50,000 10 51,509 56,828 61,967
3. China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. i-WealthSaver 9,963 5 49,815 10 51,000 58,737 64,750
4. Etiqa Insurance Pte. Ltd. Enrich saver 10,032 5 50,160 10 50,160 53,278 61,847
5. Singlife Singlife Choice Saver 9,839 5 49,195 10 51,000 55,917 60,621
6. China Life Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. China Life SaveForward Endowment Plan 10,000 5 49,999 10 50,761 55,560 62,646

Summary of 5 Pay 10 Savings Plans

The table compares six different 5 pay 10 savings plans offered by various insurance companies in Singapore. These plans are designed to help you grow your savings over a medium-term period with the potential for better returns compared to traditional savings accounts.

  1. HSBC Savings Protector II (5 Pay): Good for those seeking stability and a guaranteed return.
  2. Income Gro Saver Flex Pro (RP): Offers potential for slightly higher returns.
  3. China Taiping i-Wealth Saver: Another choice for decent returns.
  4. Etiqa Enrich Saver This plan balances guaranteed and non-guaranteed returns for a mix of security and growth potential.
  5. Singlife Choice Saver: A solid option with a bit more flexibility in premium payments.

5 Pay 10 Savings Plan: How to Choose

Now that you understand the plans, choosing the right 5 pay 10 savings plan involves careful consideration. Here are the key factors to keep in mind:

  1. Compare Returns: Look at illustrated returns at both lower and higher rates.
  2. Understand Fees: Check for any hidden charges.
  3. Insurance Coverage: Decide if you need life insurance bundled with the plan.
  4. Reputation: Choose a reputable insurer with a good track record.

By thoughtfully evaluating these aspects, you’ll be better equipped to find a 5 Pay 10 Savings Plan that suits your needs.

Tips for Maximizing Your 5 Pay 10 Savings Plan

To get the most out of your plan, follow these simple strategies:

  • Start Early: The sooner you start, the more your money has time to grow.
  • Be consistent: Don’t miss those premium payments!
  • Review Regularly: Check the plan’s performance annually.

By adhering to these tips, you can optimize your 5 Pay 10 Savings Plan and build a brighter financial future.

Ready to Grow Your Savings?

The right 5 pay 10 savings plan can be a smart way to boost your wealth in Singapore. But with so many options, choosing the best one can be overwhelming. However, don’t worry!

Get your personalized plan comparison – it’s free!

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