5 Quirky Ideas for a Lazy Weekend

Feeling drained but desiring some fun over the weekend? Look no further. Here are 5 quirky ideas for a unique weekend experience to re-energise yourselves for a long week ahead!

Go donut floating

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Cruise around Marina Bay in a donut. The Floating Donut company offers private and tailored cruises in a donut float. It is the perfect weekend idea if you have friends and family visiting from overseas. What a wonderful way to marvel at Singapore’s icon cityscape! Packages start at S$29 per person. For enquiries and reservations, visit their website.

Reserve your glamping spot

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‘Glamping’ (a.k.a glamourous camping) has been increasingly popular in Singapore. The Glamping Society was born to offer this wonderful weekend idea. It is Singapore’s first glamping service provider. Insta-worthy set ups to the tents are prepared and the company offers a variety of packages to suit different needs – be it a romantic getaway for two or a hen’s night out, you are in for a treat. Tents are located only at East Coast Park and Punggol Park. Reservations are made through their website.

Visit an ulu beach

For your sun-and-sea fix, visit an ulu beach. Instead of fighting for a spot under the sun at Sentosa, take it all in at islands like St. John or Coney Island. Without much disturbance, you practically have paradise all to yourself. Take a dip in the sea or soak up the sun and forget your worries.

Organise a cookout

Maybe not the best choice if you are feeling lazy, but it is definitely a quirky idea. Gather your pals and have each guest come up with some funky dishes or desserts in a pot-luck style cookout. After all the hard work is done, sit down and enjoy your foodie creations together. 

Book an experiential dining experience

Image credit: Andsoforth

Possibilities, when it comes to food, are endless in Singapore. Andsoforth offers a memorable dining experience combining theatrics over dinner! Offering different themes throughout the year, check out their website for more info and to book. November bookings are currently available for ‘Valhalla and the Chambers of Asgard’.

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