4 Simple Ways to Destress Over the Weekend

For office workers, weekends are a great time to destress and recalibrate your bodies and minds from the never-ending hustle and bustle of the week. If you realise that you feel fatigued the moment you sit down at your office desk or keep falling sick easily without any seeming cause, perhaps it is time to try some of the following methods to get yourselves back on track:


  1. Sleep in or simply laze around in bed

‘Busy-ness’ has come to be a mantra or symbol of success in recent times, causing us to cram our schedules with activities or meet-ups with friends and family to prove we are productive human beings.

However, if you are already busting your ass exuding non-stop productivity from 9am – 7pm daily on weekdays (or even longer hours for some industries), don’t feel guilty taking a day off to sleep in during the weekend, or just free up some time in the afternoon for a quick and lazy cat-nap.

This will help your mind and body break free from rigid schedules and give yourself the psychological space to breathe.


  1. Pick up a hobby

Having a hobby will help us get in touch with our creative side and remind us of the need to slow down.

Nowadays, unique craft workshops have been flourishing all over Singapore, whereby attendees can create their own marble or gold speckled jewellery out of clay, or learn how to bake amazing creations that used to only exist in the domains of patisserie chefs. Information and registration for such workshops are readily available online.

For those on a budget, you can search for free Youtube tutorial videos online to pursue a hobby you are interested in. You just need to buy the materials to get yourself started, and who knows, perhaps you might be the one giving workshops in future!


  1. Get active

All of us have probably heard that exercise is good for our bodies and minds. Not only does being active loosen up the tension and stiffness in our muscles from sitting down and using the computer all day, it also releases feel-good endorphins that cause us to feel energised and ready to take on the world!

Calories burnt during a workout also lets us enjoy our weekend treats without the guilt – so put on your sports attire and get moving! Bonus points if you perform your workout outdoors for some added fresh air and a dose of Vitamin D.


  1. Chill out with your loved ones

Making dates with your friends and loved ones is a great way to destress without breaking the bank on a therapist.

A few drinks on Friday evening, or heading out to a cute cafe on the weekend for a good cuppa joe (with quintessential latte art), can act as the reward for a hard week’s worth of work.

Weekend outings don’t have to involve expensive brunches. Set an afternoon to meet in the Botanic Gardens for a potluck picnic and bring along bluetooth speakers for added chill vibes.

For summer lovers, head on over to Sentosa with your beach towel and snacks for a relatively cheap day of sun and sand – it’ll help if you have pets around that you can cuddle with to boost those destress points. Just don’t forget to pack your sunblock and shades! 🙂

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