Simple ways to start earning cashback and rewards in Singapore

Once you start working, you might observe that there are many ways to earn cashback or perks from spending, if you know how to make use of the different platforms wisely. However, the information for such deals could either be too overwhelming or too obscure for the uninitiated. Fret not, if you are just beginning on your journey to earning cashback and rewards, start with the following easy ways to save yourself a pretty sum of money, even whilst you’re out spending it.

1. Credit Cards

There are many different sorts of credit cards out there which can be quite confusing and intimidating when you have just started working, which could prevent you from earning cashback or miles earlier. Use credit card comparison sites to help you determine which card is best for your lifestyle and spending power, and also if you prefer to earn cash or rewards in miles points. Sometimes, companies will give out freebies or bonuses when you sign-up, so be sure to keep an eye out for this. Personally, I use a cashback card which gives 5-10% cashback for certain categories such as online shopping, dining or travel. However, these cards usually require you to do your homework and keep track of your spending in the different categories. A simple alternative would be to get a credit card with either no minimum spend or unlimited cashback, which usually gives a lower flat cashback percentage (eg. 0.3%-1.5%).

2. Mobile Payments

Another easy way to chalk up rewards points is by using mobile payment apps. A popular one nowadays is using Grabpay and Favepay together to accumulate points for Grab Rewards or merchant cashback when you use the Fave app that can offset dining or lifestyle purchases. Sometimes, using banks’ payment apps can get your some pretty sweet dining and travel deals as well.

3. Membership Cards

If you find yourself increasingly shopping at Watsons and Guardian for your health and beauty needs (#adulting), it might be time to finally get the Watsons membership which you can use in tandem with the POSB Everyday Card for maximum rewards and cashback (3-6%) on your purchases. Guardian’s cashback system is tied to the PAssion Card, so you might consider applying for this card to earn cashback that can offset future purchases. PAssion card also offers 4% rebate at certain supermarkets. Signing up for these memberships also lets you receive first-hand updates on any big sale or discounts that only happen for 2-3 days.

4. Shopback App

This incredible local app ties up with many different merchants across a whole range of goods and services to help you earn big cashback on your online purchases. Popular categories include fashion, travel and health. They usually have upsized cashback deals, especially for travel accommodation (9-12%), so if your purchases can wait, you might want to subscribe to these notifications and book right away when they pop up. There is also a very helpful ShopBack Smarter Way Facebook group for those on the ShopBack app with updates and discussion on how to maximise cashback using ShopBack. Use this link to start off your ShopBack account with $5 cash back.

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