Similar to other cities in the world, Singapore’s government has just announced a new S$45 million tourism campaign to encourage local residents to have a domestic holiday, in light of the current pandemic situation which renders airlines and people grounded.

Unlike bigger countries whereby domestic travels could mean traversing lands and exploring different cities for a proper vacation, Singaporeans will have to make do with what we have in the meantime. Consider taking a break from the pandemic and lockdown stress, while boosting the hospitality industry and the Singaporean economy at the same time.

Below are some ideas you can plan into your next “Singapoliday”:

domestic tourism travel island

1. Hotel Staycations

No doubt, couples and families have been very excited for the restarting of hotel staycations. We can finally stretch our legs and relax in a space beyond the four walls of our home. It also gives us a reason to clear some of our leave and take a break from work despite not being able to “go anywhere”.  Take a day or two off and give yourself a long weekend with your loved ones. This is especially useful when booking staycations that offer bonuses for staying 2 nights or more!

domestic tourism travel island

2. Summer beach vacation

With August upon us, the closest thing you might get to a European summer would probably be heading on over to Sentosa’s beaches for a sunny day out. Though Sentosa’s waters might not be as clear and blue as those in Nusa Dua or Maldives, the island is just a stone’s throw away and easily accessible by all modes of transport – even walking!

Besides lazing around at the beach clubs, you can also get active and play beach volleyball with your pals. Or perhaps check out the attractions at Sentosa with your family. What you save on your airfare to far-away islands can be spent right here locally.

domestic tourism travel island

3. Upscale dining experiences

After months of grabfood or home-cooked dishes, we can finally treat our tummies with some gastronomical delights that remind us of real vacations abroad. From boozy brunches with your gals to exquisite personal Japanese omakase courses, there will definitely be an outlet suited to your foodie preference and (5-pax) gathering needs!

Many fine dining restaurants and bars are ramping up their promotions to bring the crowds back in. So do make sure to keep an eye out for those and remember to make a reservation in advance, especially during public holiday periods.

domestic tourism travel island

4. Ethnic enclave tours

Take a trip down memory lane harking back to heritage tours done in schools. Pop over to your resident Little India, Chinatown and Haji Lane for a day-trip. Such culturally-infused places are often frequented by tourists from abroad, and for good reason!

You can gain more insight into local cultures and traditions beyond your immediate heritage. Plus the bustling activity, smells of local food and faces of people can make you feel alive again. If you haven’t been to these ethnic enclaves before, it would definitely be a whole new world to you!

For a full list of Singapoliday promotions, visit their SingapoRediscovers website here!

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