We are approaching the day in the year to officially tell your mommy how much she means to you. If you haven’t given a thought to what to get your mommy dearest this year and are bored at the idea of giving the standard bouquet of flowers with carnations and a store-bought card, glean some unconventional ideas for Mothers’ Day gifts below:

Subscription service

A cute, practical and hassle-free way to remind your mum you love her is by getting her a subscription service for items that get delivered to her doorstep every month, for a whole year! She will feel appreciated and pampered all year round, not just on Mothers’ Day, without you having to lift a finger (besides keying your credit card details during the initial purchase of the subscription).

My personal favourites for mommy are:

Theatre performance

After all these years of self-created in-house drama and theatrics, perhaps a renowned musical at the Marina Bay Sands Theatres or art performance at the Esplanade will be right up your mom’s alley. Treat her to some professional acting and drama while giving her the perfect chance to glam up and experience some tai-tai vibes for the evening.

For the more budget-conscious, head on over to eventbrite to seek more pocket-friendly finds like comedy shows or wellness events for your mom – these will definitely bring a smile to her face.

Personalised photobook or scrapbook

Remember when you were in kindergarden, your mum would take your artistic masterpieces you bring home from school and stick them on the fridge? If that was the extent of your artistic career, consider ordering a personalised photobook where you can customise your own themes and insert photographs of your mom and you, printed and delivered to mom within a week.

For the more artistically inclined individuals with time on their hands, take a trip down to your local scrapbooking store or Art Friend to get craft materials and ideas on how to create the perfect scrapbook for mom. This would definitely require more effort to print the photographs from a shop (Eg. Kodak/Fujifilm) and bring the “scrap” pieces together, but rest assured the time and effort will pay off in the end when you present the final masterpiece to mum, just like all those years ago. 

Photo Credit: Nox – Dine in the Dark

Novel dining experiences

If it’s been awhile since you treated your mum to a nice meal, take her on a unique and novel dining experience, such as fine dining in the dark or a next-level lavish high-tea session. It might be slightly more pricey than your average weekend family tze-char dishes but these unique experiences would leave the both of you with indelible shared memories that your mom can go on to talk about at the next relatives’ gathering to the envy of everyone. Sure way to get into her good books this Mothers’ Day in my book!


Ultimately, if all else fails, perhaps the best thing you can gift your mom this Mothers’ Day is your time. Help out with the chores around the house or offer to chip in for groceries and cook a nice family dinner. If she has been busy with any work or her own hobbies, you could offer to help her out and find out more about her interests and what she has been working on. Bonus points if you do this all year round!

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