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Retirement Hobbies For Men: How To Keep Your Mind And Body Active Even After You Retire?

As we approach our retirement years, many of us are starting to think about what can we do during our retirement life. If you can’t find the right hobby to indulge in when you are retired, you are going to get bored really quickly. But that’s not the worst problem. Having nothing to look forward to is not only boring, but it can hasten the pace of your mind and body’s deterioration.

To help you find your retirement hobbies, we have compiled some ideas of retirement hobbies for men that can encourage you to keep your mind and body active.

  1. Being A Competitive Gamer

In order to excel at a video game, you need to have great dexterity and reaction time. That’s why playing video game is one of those perfect ways to keep your mind and body active.

But playing video game all day long can lead to boredom and game fatigue if you don’t have a goal to aim for. Why not go all the way and aim to be one of the top gamers in the game of your choice? Or maybe, try out NFT gaming to earn also?

  1. Learn How To Be A Full-Time Trader

Video game is not the only arena where you can find lots of adrenaline. The stock market (or even crypto market) can also provide the same kind of adrenaline. Plus, there’s also so much to learn about the stock market if you want to become a full-time trader. You need to learn how to navigate through the storms in the stock market and also learn how to properly manage your risk.

Nowadays, it’s easy to turn into a full-time trader. You can start your own trading account online with little deposit. It also doesn’t restrict you to a specific location because you can be trading anywhere in the world, be it on the beach in Bali or from your apartment.

  1. Show The World A Different View Through The Lens Of Photography

Picking up photography is a great way to spend your retirement days. As you learn to capture moments of life, you will be mesmerized by how much beauty you can capture in a single frame. With a camera in hand, you will find yourself planning and wandering to different parts of the world to capture and showcase a different view through your camera lens.

With photography, there are always new things to learn. You will be so occupied by the new photo editing software, lighting techniques and how to use the new equipment that you bought. There will never be a second that you will be bored or inactive if you pick up photography.

  1. Go The Distance (Marathon, Ironman, Triathlon)

If you need to stay active, here’s a tip. Find a challenge that is so tough that you need to keep pushing yourself to train for it to complete the challenge. Indeed, marathons, ironman and triathlons are all challenges that will motivate you to do that. You cannot run a good long race in any of these categories without good preparation and training.

You will first spend months training your cardio capacity. You will then build up your endurance. After which, you will put this into actual races. Sometimes, you will even fly overseas to race in popular races like the Boston Marathon.

Once you pick up this hobby, there’s really no stopping you until you conquer the world.

  1. Be The Next MasterChef

Cooking is a great, fun hobby that lets you unleash your creativity. It also encourages you to think out of the box on how you can find the next breakthrough, be it in the taste of your food or in your culinary skills. Plus, there are so much resources that you can learn from if you want to cook. A quick search on YouTube will give you thousands of videos that will take your skills closer to your favourite chef.

In addition, learning to cook like a MasterChef is a cool hobby that not only benefits you, but also benefits those that are close to you. You will find lots of satisfaction and enjoyment when you see the satisfied look when you cook for someone you love.

  1. Golf With Your Friends

Golfing is one of those sports that is synonymous with retirement. Many retirees love to play the sport not just because it is fun, but also because it is a great way to keep fit. Not only will you be outdoors, but you will also be in the company of your close friends. That’s a great combination for the release of oxytocin and dopamine from your brain to keep you happy and stimulated.

  1. Spend Your Free Time “Zhng-ing” Your Car/Motorcycle

Men love their car and/or motorcycle. Some of us can spend the whole day admiring our car while others don’t mind spending every second of their retirement life to clean, polish and wax their car and keep it in their best form. Some may even go to the extreme, i.e. buying spare parts to “zhng” (upgrade) their cars with their own hands.

But playing with cars can be an expensive hobby. If you can’t afford a car or motorcycle, perhaps you can consider an alternative hobby like collecting car diecasts instead.

  1. Share Your Experience With The World On YouTube/Podcasts

At the age of retirement, you would probably have seen and experienced lots of events in your life. The trove of experiences you have is a treasure chest that many younger generations want to learn from. If you are someone who loves sharing your knowledge and experiences, why not do that during your retirement? You can share with everyone what you learned through your years on YouTube or podcasts. If it is successful, you can even turn it into a retirement side hustle.

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Start Planning For Your Retirement Today

For those of you who are still on your way towards retirement, keep working at it. If you continue to work hard and work towards your retirement goals, you will get there one day.

For those who haven’t yet started your retirement journey, not to worry as well. We are here for you. Drop us a message and we will arrange for a financial review session with you to help you assess your current financial status, retirement aspirations and risk profile. We will then provide the best recommendations to work with you to achieve your retirement aspirations.

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