manicure on a budget

Professional Manicures on a Budget in Singapore

Extravagant and fancy gelish nail manicures and pedicures have become so commonplace nowadays that every other Singaporean “Influencer” on Instagram would never be caught posing for product or lifestyle photos without a full set of bling-ed up gelish extensions.

3 Best Lifetime Income Plans in Singapore (Updated 2024)

Having a steady flow of cash flow is vital in financial planning. A positive cash flow ensures the health of your financial plan. A healthy cash flow lets you achieve your financial goals, be it getting a mortgage, taking a

planning for retirement in singapore

7 Figures That Will Convince You to Start Planning For Retirement NOW

Retirement is one of those things in life that you need to start preparing for it as early as possible. So, have you started to plan for your retirement in Singapore?

Manulife Select Critical Care

Manulife Critical Select Care: Covering Diabetes Type 1 & 2 for Age 40 and Beyond

As the number of diabetic patients and individual with chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol skyrocketed over the last decade, more and more insurers have jumped on the bandwagon to offer specific solutions

one day in sg

One day itinerary in Singapore – Fuss free attraction within 24 hours

We recently had a friend visit our Sunny island during a brief stopover with just one night and one day to tour all of Singapore’s major attractions. If you have absolutely no idea how to cram all of Singapore’s goodies

eco friendly

Simple Ways to be Part of the Eco-Friendly Movement

It has been almost 30 years since Captain Planet started airing on television, creating awareness on the detrimental impacts of modern-day human habits on the environment, yet the world is in an even worse state than before.

earning cashback and rewards in singapore

Simple ways to start earning cashback and rewards in Singapore

Once you start working, you might observe that there are many ways to earn cashback or perks from spending, if you know how to make use of the different platforms wisely

guide to volunteering

Guide To Volunteering Based On Your Personality Type – Moneyline.SG

During our schooling years in Singapore, there is usually some component of charity project or voluntary activity (read: Community Involvement Project a.k.a. CIP) that is mandatory for personal development points or promotion to the next level of study, which also

Keeping Up with the Millennial Fits-po (fitness-inspiration)

Fitness subscriptions such as ClassPass and KFIT have been all the rage recently, where you pay a monthly subscription fee that gives you certain amount of credits to attend various classes such as barre, HIIT, yoga, pilates and spin class.

3 best education savings plan in singapore

3 Best Education Savings Plan in Singapore (Updated 2024)

To most parent or future parents, one of the immediate concerns of having kids is the cost it takes to support them. Out of all the main cost the parents must bear, the one that tops it all is the