4 Adrenaline-filled Activities In Singapore For Ultimate Stress Relief!
Since ideas might be running low by now after being confined to Singapore the past 8 months, let out some of that pent-up stress and frustration through these adrenaline-filled activities. Moreover, with Halloween behind us, you might already be itching for the next holiday or unique party experience, especially when we have to clear out our unused leaves before year-end. Tried-and-tested by the team, you won’t have another excuse not to participate in these unique, thrilling activities for that adrenaline rush. 
adrenaline activities stress relief
1. The Fragment Room
The Fragment Room lets you explore your wildest dreams that could only happen in movies previously. Described as the ‘first rage room in town’, it offers perhaps the ‘most exciting anger therapy in the market’ by allowing you to smash items such as vases, electronic appliances, plates and of course, lots and lots of glass into smithereens.  Dubbed the perfect activity to release all your work and life stress in a safe space, it is worth checking out for a smashing stress-relieving time. 


adrenaline activities stress relief

2. Axe Factor
Have a blast from the past Viking style by swinging up to the Axe Factor, located at 200 Turf Club Rd, #01-32A The Grandstand, Singapore 287994. Rarely heard of in Singapore, Axe Factor is a new “extreme” sport that we can finally get a hang off now. It will be the perfect way to get in some arm strength and accuracy training. Having to concentrate on your target in a novel environment will definitely take your mind off your worries, at least in that 1-2 hours in the range.


adrenaline activities stress relief
3. Escape Room
Escape Rooms have been around in Singapore for at least a decade, hence there is a wide array of options for you to take your pick for this problem-solving game experience. There have been more Virtual Reality set-ups in recent years and such rooms lead to greater immersive experience as you put on your thinking caps to figure and solve the puzzles with a group of your best mates. The time limit (usually 60 minutes) given to solve the puzzles in order to escape the room makes the gaming experience even more exciting. Perhaps you might emerge from the Escape Room feeling like reality isn’t that stressful after all!


adrenaline activities stress relief

4. MegaZip 
As schooling kids, we might have had some high-elements experience during outdoor school camping activities. Embrace that fear and adrenaline by facing it again as an adult on the MegaZip – a 450m long zipline 75m over Sentosa’s jungle treetops, beach and sea below, cruising at up to speeds of 60kph. If that description does not already cause your cortisol levels to spike, why not head on over to try out the exhilarating ride, you daredevil! MegaAdventure also has other various living-on-the-edge experiences that you can try out if the zipline is not as exciting enough for you! 

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