Unconventional Activities in Singapore to Help You Destress

With many companies implementing work-from-home policies, the line between home and work life is getting increasingly blurred. Travel used to be the antidote to stress that most people turn to in order to take a break from work.

As the world currently grapples with Covid-19, this is no longer an option to fall back on — at least till 2021. Practicing self-care and taking sufficient time to destress has never been more important in preventing burn-out.

Here are four unconventional local activities you can take out for a spin to help reduce your mental load:

Unconventional activities to destress in Singapore1. Experience Weightlessness in a Float Tank

Feel the weight of the world melt away with the help of floatation therapy – a scientifically proven method to reduce stress, quicken muscle recovery, and boost mental clarity. In a world that is overstimulated and overworked, floatation therapy is touted to be able to help you hit reset and even potentially rewire your brain.

This essentially plays out in sensory deprivation tanks – bed-sized pods filled with lukewarm water mixed with Epsom salt. Inside, you are free from both physical and mental stimulation, allowing your mind to drift into a meditative state, and your body to recover from strain and aches.

The best part? All you literally have to do is float. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with life, one session in a float tank is definitely worth a try.

Unconventional activities to destress in Singapore

2. Back to Nature: Mangrove kayaking

Adventure-seekers out there will love this one – escape the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s concrete jungle by embarking on a kayaking excursion at Pulau Ubin. A perfect weekend activity to completely switch off from your day-to-day stressors and indulge in a healthy dose of appreciation for Mother Nature.

A quick Google search will give you several tour companies operating 2 to 4-hour kayaking tours. A friendly local guide will bring you into the mangroves to catch a glimpse of the abundant wildlife, rustic houses and even meet local villagers. If you’re lucky, you might even get to otter families or the elusive pink dolphin pod!

Unconventional activities to destress in Singapore

3. Channel Your Creativity with Pottery

The mental health community has recognised the therapeutic potential of pottery for depression in recent years. The hands-on nature of artistic mediums like clay for pottery makes it a process that demands complete focus and concentration. This allows you to put down your worries and activate the creative side of your brain.

With pottery becoming increasingly popular in Singapore, there are now a plethora of classes you can take to make your own works of ceramic art. These classes range from in-depth lessons that include lecturers coming onboard to teach the art of moulding clay. Or perhaps a shorter workshops where you get to try a couple of pottery techniques in just one session.

Unconventional activities to destress in Singapore

4. Be Transported to a Different World with VR gaming

Virtual reality involves the immersive simulation of a 3-D environment, bringing video games to a whole new level.  For a unique and fun group activity, check out VR gaming and embark on a variety of thrilling missions together. Virtual game rooms in Singapore have something for everyone:  from space adventures, pirate ships, to zombie attacks.

Some places (like Sandbox Singapore) come equipped with the latest VR technology. Players don haptic suits to enable full-body motion-capture and add a sense of touch to your play. With the current travel bans in place almost worldwide, virtual reality might just be your best bet to explore new places today!

If the above activities are too adventurous for you, why not try one of these: 5 Stay-Home Activities To Pass Time Instead Of Going Out

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