5 Stay Home Activities To Pass Time Instead Of Going Out

With Singaporeans avoiding crowded places (other than to stockpile more food at supermarkets) during weekends, many of us will choose to stay home instead of exposing ourselves to outside elements with the corona virus doing its rounds. At the risk of losing your own sanity cooped up indoors, consider engaging in these stay home activities and get your mind off the boredom of not being able to go out:

stay home activities

  1. Get your creative juices flowing (literally)

Live out your Master Chef dreams with no excuses or plans to stop you now. All those hours watching quirky cooking videos online can finally be put into practice – learn how to cook local dishes or other favorite meals while you’re stuck at home. You can fill your belly and polish up your cooking skills at the same time.

If you are already confident with your level of cooking, try baking for a change – there many recipes are out there waiting for you to keep your hands, minds and bellies occupied during any “quarantine” period.

stay home activities

  1. Organise a board game night

You can’t go out to party, but you can bring the party to you! Invite a small group of friends over for board game night during the weekend and you won’t feel like you are missing out on any fun at all. If you don’t have many board game options at home, your friends might be able to contribute some of theirs. Just remember to prepare some snacks and drinks in advance, so your guests can feel at home and everyone can have a great time catching up.


stay home activities

  1. Finally get around to reading that book

Reading broadens your horizons, and what better time to pick up that paperback or kindle which you have always been meaning to read, than when you are cooped at home surrounded by your four walls?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. With recreational reading becoming a “lost art”, you can boast to your friends once the virus is over, that you accomplished many books during this short period.

stay home activities

  1. Do home-based exercises or fitness routines

For fitness fanatics, not being able to go to a crowded gym where everyone’s bodily fluids are at high risk of coming into contact with each other, might be a huge blow for you. It’s time to blow the dust off your mini gym equipment and start following some simple home workouts online. This will keep both your mind and body busy during this boredom.

stay home activities

  1. Binge-watch your queued drama series

If all else fails and none of the above activities captures your interest, just fall back on the the good-ole-television and binge-watch those drama shows that have been sitting on your list. This will make time pass really quickly and by the time you are done with the show, you’ll be wishing that you could be stuck at home for longer.

Why not make some new friends while you’re out?

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