3 Essentials To Pack In Your Travel Case

Oh, wait we can finally travel now!?? We are already 4 months into 2020 and you might be feeling like you are ready to take a break after this coronavirus outbreak which prevents everyone from travelling. If you are lucky enough to get time off to travel abroad, besides the basics such as passports, clothes and cash, make sure to pack the following essential items that you might not think of at first, in order to have a smooth and comfortable journey:

  1. Medication and health supplements

None of us would expect or want to fall ill during a vacation. This makes it even more important that we pack travel medication such as painkillers, diarrhea or vomiting medicine.  In countries where you might not be aware of hygiene in food preparation or local tap water, you might fall ill to food poisoning. Supplements such as probiotics will help with your digestion during travelling as well, and Vitamin C pills can help boost your immunity.

There was once I experienced a severe migraine due to dehydration thanks to the heat in Barcelona’s summer – it will be useful to carry sachets of rehydration salts that can be made into a drink on the go, to replenish lost electrolytes. To be extra safe, remember to get a <Travel insurance link> in the case that you need to visit a doctor or be hospitalised during the course of your trip!

  1. Travel-size toiletries and bath items

Sometimes, travellers might opt to stay in cheaper alternative accommodations such as hostels or Airbnbs to save some money to spend on other items on the rest of the trip. Don’t take for granted that these accommodations will have suitable toiletries for your stay. To make it more comfortable for your family and yourself, why not pack travel-sized bottles of body and facial wash to ensure you have access to these toiletries that you are already used to? Another crucial item to pack would be a small hand towel- on budget travels, some accommodations might charge extra to use their towels/linen, so do take note while booking!

  1. Adapters and additional charging cables

You will be surprised how many travellers forget to pack these into their carry-ons. Perhaps you might think that you can easily purchase this once you have reached your destination. But sometimes things don’t go as planned, when you know for sure that you will need your mobile phone for addresses, directions, information and to remain contactable to family and friends.

You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where your phone battery dies and you have no access to any chargers – this could happen if you experience a flight delay or you reach your accommodations too late at night. It is risky to rely on your travel companions to share their cables with you as well, since they would need to charge their gadgets as well!

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