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TM Atlas Wealth Review (1)

TM Atlas Wealth Review: A Whole Of Life ILP Policy

We’re all about helping you achieve your financial dreams, so we want to make sure you understand how this long-term investment product works. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect from a TM Atlas Wealth ILP Policy:


Invest in TM Atlas Wealth for the long-term, and enjoy bonuses on your investment.

It’s an investment product that pays dividends or grows over time—you invest now and get rewarded later.

Source: Tokiomarine

With TM Atlas Wealth, you’ll have more money to invest from day one, because 100% of your regular premium is allocated to purchase units with (versus upfront fee charges by some other providers).

You’ll also receive initial bonuses for 5 years (plus yearly loyalty bonuses after that), which means you’re earning interest faster than if you were investing in any other way!


Access to preferred Funds enables you to build towards your ideal investment portfolio.

The TM Atlas Wealth ILP sub-funds allow you to access funds from some of the world’s leading fund managers. Your portfolio can be crafted to match your risk profile, and access funds not normally available to individual investors.

Some funds, called “Accredited Investor” (AI) funds, are made available to non-accredited investors. This is good news for those who would like to invest in such funds because they may generate higher returns than other types of funds.


Features of TM Atlas Wealth

TM Atlas Wealth has many attractive features, including: the choice of coverage and currency investment; an initial bonus; a loyalty bonus; premium payment terms (5 to 25 years); partial withdrawal options; and easy application.

  • Initial Bonus: Up to 19.5% per annum for the first 5 years
  • Loyalty Bonus: From the 6th year, receive up to 0.3% per annum
  • Currency of investment: With TM Atlas Wealth: Choose between SGD, AUD, GBP, USD, or EUR.
  • Premium payment term: Choose between 5 and 25 years
  • Partial withdrawal available: Yes
  • Premium holiday options: Yes
  • Easy application: No health check is required
  • Multiple Lives Application Available: Up to 2 Policy Owners (Assured) and 4 Lives Assured.

TM Atlas Wealth Breakeven Yield

Essentially, if you invest SGD 2,500 a month with a premium payment term of 20 years, your investment only needs to grow 1.38% a year to cover the product charges before you start earning returns on your TM Atlas Wealth investment policy.


TM Atlas Wealth – Protection Riders available:

For the Main Policy of TM Atlas Wealth , you can choose between two Death Benefits.

Choice of coverage: Basic or Advanced Death Benefit

  1. The Basic Death Benefit covers you up to 101% of the value of your investment policy in the event of death.
  2. The second option—Advanced Death Benefit, pays out higher of:
  • 101% of the value of your investment policy; or
  • 100% of The Total Premiums to date less any amount withdrawn.

Additional Protection Riders are available with TM Atlas Wealth. They are:

TM Atlas Wealth Riders
^ Future premiums will be waived for 5 years, up to 2 times
  1. Cancer Waiver Rider: Future premiums are waived upon Major Cancer.
  2. Waiver of Premium Rider: Future premiums are waived upon Major Critical Illnesses.
  3. Early Critical Illness Premium Waiver Rider: Future premiums are waived upon Early or Intermediate Stage Critical Illnesses for 5 years, up to 2 times.
  4. Payer Benefit Rider, Spouse Rider: Future premiums are waived upon death or Total and Permanent Disability of the policyholder/spouse.
  5. Enhanced Payer Benefit, Enhanced Spouse Rider: Future premiums are waived upon death, Total and Permanent Disability, and Major Critical Illnesses of the policyholder/spouse.


How to know if TM Atlas Wealth will work for you.

If you are looking for a flexible investment offering exposure to multiple currencies, this product could be the right one for you.

Illustration on TM Atlas Wealth

Joan is 30 years old, and she signs up for TM Atlas Wealth to invest monthly for 20 years. In case her needs change along the way, TM Atlas Wealth provides Joan with lots of flexibility:

TM Atlas Wealth examples
^ Applicable after 1st year of policy inception. * Based on 2 Joint Lives, Husband and Wife (Policy Owner and Life Assured) with newborn Son and Daughter (additional Life Assured) # No loyalty bonus will be paid during the premium holiday period.

This product is suitable if you want:

To consider a limited pay investment-linked policy that offers exposure to multiple currencies.

To diversify your portfolio by investing in a range of sub-funds under TM Atlas Wealth

Flexibility and choice.

This product is not suitable for those who want:

 Guaranteed returns.

✖ A single-premium plan.

 High insurance coverage.

The TM Atlas Wealth plan is not designed to provide guaranteed returns or a single-premium option. It has a low insurance protection, which may not be suitable for those who want high income protection.


Takeaway: The Atlas Wealth ILP Policy is a financial solution that gives you more for less. Find out how below!

The TM Atlas Wealth offers a range of features and benefits that meet your long-term investment needs. These benefits are accompanied by drawbacks, which you should consider before deciding on a policy. As you plan for the future, do note that this kind of policy does not provide guaranteed returns if you terminate it before maturity. Returns depend on market conditions, so it’s advisable to seek clarification from your agent or financial advisor before choosing one. Keep in mind the various charges associated with these policies before taking out such products.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
– Chinese proverb

Here is what we can help you with

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