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  1. Social Butterflies & Party Animals

Probably the most looked-forward to Singapore’s phase 2 opening would be dining-in at restaurants and cafes and finally meeting your pals after almost 3 months of absolutely zero contact (physically, at least). Make sure to book your table in advance as we expect ‘revenge spending’ and dining in the coming weeks.

For you social butterflies and party animals, unfortunately, bars, nightclubs, cinemas and other entertainment venues still have to remain closed. This is due to the close proximity and large gatherings such venues encourage. At the moment, the government only allows social gatherings of up to 5 people, and up to 5 visitors to any household at one time. 

We will have to wait till the final phases of lifting of restrictions before we can enjoy a big night out again. In the meantime, head over to your favourite F&B outlets where alcoholic beverages are still being served, albeit only till 10.30pm. At this point, I’ll take what I can get!

On another note, another welcomed announcement is the opening of beaches, where we can finally get our dose of much needed Vitamin D and chill vibes. This will be as close to a beach vacation as we can get till the opening up of international borders and travel.

social distancing lifestyle2. Fitness Fanatics & Gym Bunnies

Jogging the same path around your neighbourhood the past two months might have almost driven us mad. Fret not – sports halls, gyms, fitness studios and swimming complexes have all been given the greenlight to reopen. Even so, it is still advised to workout in the outdoors, which will be better ventilated than the inside of closed environments. 

As much as possible, wipe down surfaces of the gym equipment before you use them and be conscious not to touch your face between exercises. Remember to keep a safe 2 metre distance away from your fellow gymmers to ensure bodily fluids do not get passed on to each other. 

For workout classes, group sizes will be limited and attendees will have to be spaced 2 meters apart. It will be ideal to bring your own yoga mats, if necessary for class. Remember to bring along your face masks and do not share towels or workout attire to minimise chances of infection. 

social distancing lifestyle

3. Back-to-Office Workaholics

Though not necessarily by choice, it might be a breath of fresh air to finally return to the office, after being cooped up in our home offices for hours on end. The government still recommends businesses telecommute wherever possible. If you have to return, make sure there are no social gatherings with your other colleagues. Especially when you head to the pantry for your kopi breaks. 

Always ensure there is a 1-metre safe distancing requirement between groups. If your office does not do this already, keep your workstation clean by wiping down your desk and IT equipment with disinfectant wipes regularly. 

social distancing lifestyle

4. Beauty Guru & Social Media Influencers

At the top of our post-lockdown checklists would likely be booking much needed hair, brow, nail, lash, facial and spa appointments – as we prepare ourselves to face the outside world again. All personal health and wellness activities have been allowed to reopen. Beauticians will take care to wear face shields, regularly disinfect equipment and change towels and sheets. Be sure to ask if you do not see the staff ensuring these safety guidelines. 

Retail shops will also be back in business for your retail therapy needs and shopping for your social media ‘grams. Even bubble tea shops (a necessity in my personal opinion) have reopened! Life in Singapore will definitely have some semblance of reverting back to normalcy. With these much-anticipated freedoms, do enjoy but also remember to keep yourself and your families safe!

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