4 Chill House Parties to Throw During Phase 2

With the reopening of party places and larger gatherings nowhere in sight, why not look towards Home Sweet Home to let your crazy party animal loose for the night? Not only do you get to hang out with your homies beyond 10.30pm, you also have extra headcount for gatherings since you won’t have to take into account yourself or your household members. Read on to expand your party repertoire with classic themes as well as adventurous ones, for a smashing time with your friends. 

Chill House Party gathering friends

1. Raclette cheese and wine party

Instead of the usual wine and cheese platter, put a spin on your fancy house parties with a raclette cheese party by melting your cheese on a raclette grill.  It will be a step-up to your hotpot or steamboat parties, giving your guests a new unique dining experience. Make sure to include lots of crisp breads, cured meats and boiled potatoes to make it a complete meal. 

Chill House Party gathering friends

2. Board & video gaming 

Perfect tools to keep you and your friends entertained for hours – whether mentally or physically! Though you might need to spend some money initially buying the different board game sets or video game consoles, think of it as using money saved from not spending time outside. Alternatively, you can split the cost of the games with your friends and pass the game set around for more people to organise their own board game nights. 

Chill House Party gathering friends

3. Horror movie night 

Turn your parties up a notch with a suspenseful horror movie night. After all, where else do we have to go when we’re locked in, besides travel through films? Prepare the perfect movie snacks and drinks for your party mates at a fraction of the cost it would be from cinema snack counters. This is also a good alternative since social distancing measures are still in place at cinemas and you can’t watch as a large group. 

Chill House Party gathering friends

4. Baking & crafts tea party

If you’ve been seeing awesome bakes on social media that you were too intimidated to try out alone at home, gather your friends for a bake party so you can have fun, make mistakes and enjoy the fruits of your labour together! You could also set up your own craft workshop by preparing all the craft materials beforehand and having your friends demonstrate their own creativity. You might even discover a cushy side hustle for yourself! 

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