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hsbc life wealth abundance

HSBC Life Wealth Abundance Low Cost with Free Principal Protection (Upon Death)

The HSBC Wealth Abundance is a new addition to the suite of HSBC Life Investment Linked Policies. If you are looking to grow your wealth through investments to confidently meet your financial goals while protecting yourself and your loved ones, HSBC Wealth Abundance comprehensive range of benefits allows you to optimize your investment returns, create additional income streams, and enjoy peace of mind with extensive life protection coverage.

Here are some of the Key Benefits of HSBC Life Wealth Abundance

Lowered Overall Cost with Bonuses

Experience a rewarding investment journey with a range of attractive bonuses at your fingertips. Benefit from a start-up bonus of up to 12% p.a. on your 1st-year regular premium(s), monthly power-up bonuses, and loyalty bonuses that enhance your returns along the way. The platform’s investment approach is specifically designed to accelerate growth, bringing you closer to achieving your financial goals.

  • Receive a monthly power-up bonus of 0.1% p.a. based on the prevailing value of your Regular Premium Account from the 5th year onwards until the end of the minimum investment period.
  • Further enhance your wealth with a loyalty bonus of 0.3% p.a. based on the prevailing value of the Regular Premium Account after the end of the minimum investment period

With an account maintenance fee as low as 2.1% p.a. for the first 10 years and 0.6% p.a. from 11th year onwards, HSBC Life Wealth Abundance ensures low cost and that 100% of your monthly regular premiums are directly invested in your chosen funds.

Diverse Portfolio & Accredited Investor Solutions

The HSBC life wealth abundance also allow investors access to Accredited investor funds, such as Fundsmith Equity, even if you do not meet the AI financial criteria. Investors can also gain exclusive access to over 80 world-class funds, including Investing in dividend-paying funds to create additional income streams (min $30 per payout) and boost overall returns.

Minimum Investment Period of 10 years with Unbeatable Flexibility

With a minimum investment period of only 10 years. This flexibility empowers you to efficiently achieve your financial objectives. You have the limitless ability to adjust your investment strategy through unlimited fund switching due to your evolving financial circumstances, risk appetite, or investment outlook. You also get to enjoy

Premium Holiday

Allowance for up to 60 months of premium holiday from the 37th month onwards during the MIP.

Partial Withdrawal

Take advantage of two free partial withdrawals (Max 6% of Account Value each withdrawal) from the 25th month onwards, providing you with financial flexibility. As your investment progresses beyond the minimum investment period, you gain access to both ad-hoc withdrawals and pre-planned regular withdrawals, further catering to your financial requirements.

Free Principal Protection without Medical Underwriting

The HSBC Life Wealth Abundance application process requires no medical examination, making it hassle-free and easily accessible. Your principal is also protected from day 1 all the way up to age 99 without the need to incur a cost of insurance charges on the sum at risk. This feature is a huge benefit to cost sensitive investors who wish to annuitize by converting the plan to a dividend focus strategy while keeping principal intact till their end of life. Enjoy free protection due to accidental death for up to 200% of your total premium paid or account value.

source HSBC

How HSBC Life Wealth Abundance Stands Out

The HSBC Life Wealth Abundance plan stands out as a superior choice for several reasons. Firstly, it offers a low-cost structure, ensuring that you can maximize your investment returns without being burdened by high fees. Additionally, this plan eliminates insurance charges on the sum at risk in the unfortunate event of the life assured’s death, providing you and your loved ones with added financial security even during averse market conditions. Moreover, the flexibility of this plan is unmatched in the market for its minimum investment period. With the unique benefit of a premium holiday, starting from the 37th month and lasting for 60 months, you have the freedom to adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining your investment strategy. This combination of affordability, comprehensive coverage, and flexibility makes the HSBC Life Wealth Abundance plan an exceptional choice for those seeking to secure their financial future.

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