How To Take Care Of Yourself This Flu Season

With the DORSCON virus on an orange alert, many Singaporeans are frantically scrambling to stock up on household necessities in the event that it escalates to red and normal life has to be severely disrupted, including stopping of all work and school events. While some might dread this major inconvenience to daily life, while others happy they have a reason to stay home, do remember not to panic and keep these tips in mind to keep yourself healthy during this flu season:

Flu Season

1. Stay at home if you are feeling unwell

If you are displaying any flu-like symptoms, make sure you visit your local GP as soon as possible to get the necessary treatment. If your doctor has advised you to stay home for a number of days, don’t geh kiang (hokkien for ‘fake smart’) and dutifully attend school or go to office. You are putting your health and others’, and their families, at risk of the illness, while causing yourself more discomfort if you don’t recover quickly. If you are up to it, suggest to your boss or superiors to let you work from home instead.

Flu Season

2. Always practice good hygiene

If you don’t already keep this habit, make sure to wash your hands periodically throughout the day, and especially after using the bathroom and before eating meals. As we are always touching surfaces and items such as tables, laptops and phones throughout the day, regularly disinfect these and avoid touching your face, eyes, and mouth before washing or sanitising your hands. Also, if you are able to, try to avoid shaking hands or coming into close contact with people who seem unwell.

Flu Season

3. Avoid going to crowded places unnecessarily

If you are able to, avoid going to crowded places where you are more likely to come into contact with people and their bodily fluids. You wouldn’t know whether there are sick people going out-and-about without wearing a mask, who might sneeze or cough directly on you. If you must leave the house even while you are sick, do be considerate of others around you and wear a face mask yourself, to avoid spread of the virus.

Flu Season

4. Focus on keeping your immunity levels high

Keep your immunity levels up by nourishing your bodies with fresh food and vegetables (instead of processed foods such as instant noodles or microwavable meals) to ensure your body gets sufficient nutrients and vitamins. Make sure you hydrate with lots of fluids, especially if you already feel like you might be falling sick. You can also further boost your immune system with regular exercise and sleep, while minimising stress levels – another reason not get stressed out over the virus!

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