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gro retire flex pro savings review

Gro Retire Flex Pro Review – Retirement for anyone

Gro Retire Flex Pro is a Retirement Plan For Anyone: A short blog post to explain the benefits and how it can help you.

Gro Retire Flex Pro— A flexible insurance savings plan that allows you to enjoy a steady stream of income during your retirement. You can choose how long you want to pay the premiums, when you want to retire, the amount you desire and the duration of the payouts.

This is a product of Income Insurance (Formerly NTUC Income)

Have you ever considered how much income you would need to produce in order for you to retire? Probably not. It’s a daunting task when you think about it, because you haven’t even retired yet, let alone seriously taken that into account. But there is a product that can help you — one which you may have even heard of before: Income Gro Retire Flex Pro.


The Features Of Gro Retire Flex Pro retirement plan

A Gro Retire Flex pro plan that helps you save and grow money during the accumulation phase, to provide a steady income stream during the payout phase.

Income Insurance Gro Retire Flex Pro - Best SRS Endowment Plan

  • Mid/long term policy term (More than 5 years)
  • Capital guaranteed upon maturity
  • Single or Regular premium payment term
  • Option to receive monthly cash payouts
  • Option to accumulate cash payouts with interest
  • Pay by SRS option
  • Guaranteed acceptance regardless of health condition


1) A wide range of premium terms are available for Gro Retire Flex Pro

A wide range of premium terms is available for Gro Retire Flex Pro in single premium, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 years. Premiums are payable up to 5 years before the end of the accumulation period.

You can make your payments monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly.


2) You have the option of choosing when to receive monthly cash payments.

You can choose to start receiving your monthly cash payments after a number of years. Gro Retire Flex Pro plan’s accumulation period ranging from 5 to 50 years for single premium plans, or ranging from 10 to 50 years for regular premium plans.

You can also select and change how long you would like to receive your monthly cash payouts (10, 20 years or till age 100)


3) You can change the payout period before the first monthly cash benefit is paid.

You have the right to change your payout time frame with Gro Retire Flex Pro before any monthly benefit is paid. The premium term and accumulation period will not change, but you can select and change the time frame that you would like to receive these benefits.

This includes a choice of 10-, 20-, or 30-year payout periods, or monthly payments that continue until age 100.


4) Your monthly cash payouts from Gro Retire Flex Pro consist of a monthly cash benefit period and a non-guaranteed cash bonus during your payout .

Gro Retire Flex Pro allows you to participate in the performance of the Life Participating Fund in the form of non-guaranteed bonuses.

The cash payout consists of a monthly cash benefit and a non-guaranteed cash bonus


Entry Age 30, Payout Age 55 for 20 years

 Gro Retire Flex Pro example
Source: Income Insurance

It will pay the first monthly cash benefit on the policy anniversary immediately after the end of the accumulation period.

For example: Plan starting 01 Jan 2022 with 10-year accumulation will pay the first monthly cash benefit on 01 Jan 2032.


5) You may choose to accumulate your Gro Retire Flex Pro cash payouts at an interest rate of up to 3.00% p.a., or you may choose to withdraw them.

You can earn interest rates paid on your accumulated cash payouts. The prevailing rate at the point of deposit will be determined by the insurer. Any cash benefits paid under Disability Care Benefit cannot be accumulated with the insurer at the prevailing interest rate.


6) Coverage is available in the event of the insured’s death or diagnosis of a terminal illness for Gro Retire Flex Pro.

If you become terminally ill or die during the accumulation period or payout period, Gro Retire Flex Pro will pay any accumulated cash benefits and cash bonuses. The policy terminates thereafter.

The payout is at least 105% of all net premium(s) paid.

Note: If a secondary insured is listed before the death of the insured, it will not pay this benefit. The secondary insured becomes the primary insured, and this policy will continue.


With “Gro Retire Flex ProProtection Benefit”, this retirement plan provides extra coverage in the event of accidental death or disability. (no applicable to Single Premium policies)

Gro Retire Flex Pro — Protection Benefit‘ is a non-participating term rider that does not form part of the Life Participating Fund and no bonus is payable.


1) Accidental death (Gro Retire Flex Pro)

For regular premium policy only (i.e. excludes Single premium policy), Gro Retire Flex Pro includes ‘Protection Benefit’, a non-participating rider, which includes the Accidental Death Benefit, Disability Care Benefit and Retrenchment Benefit.

In the event of the insured’s death from accident before their 70th birthday, its pay an additional 105% of all net premium(s) paid, on top of the death benefit.

If the primary insured dies accidentally, the secondary insured automatically becomes the insured and the basic policy and this rider continues.


2) Disability Care Benefit (Gro Retire Flex Pro)

This will apply upon diagnosis of the insured with any one of the conditions – loss of use of one limb, loss of speech, loss of sight of one eye and loss of hearing, arising from accidental injury or sickness

Gro Retire Flex Disability Care Benefit

During the accumulation period . . .

If during the accumulation period of your Gro Retire Flex Pro policy you are diagnosed with one of the conditions listed arising from an accidental injury or sickness, you will receive a lump-sum benefit equivalent to six times your monthly cash benefit.

During this period this rider and its basic policy premiums will be waived.

During the payout period of the basic policy . . .

When the payout period begins, Gro Retire Flex Pro will also pay an additional amount equal to 50% of the monthly cash benefit on top of each monthly cash benefit during the payout period. The maximum additional amount for each payment is S$3,000.

Gro Retire Flex Pro will pay no more than S$3,000 for the additional amount for each insured, no matter how many of such policies the same insured has.

You cannot change your retirement payout period after you have claimed this benefit.

You will be allowed to claim this benefit only once.


3) Retrenchment benefit (Gro Retire Flex Pro)

If you are retrenched, you will not have to pay the premiums for this rider and its basic Gro Retire Flex Pro policy for six months following your retrenchment. i.e. 6 months of the premium is waived.

If you get retrenched and stay unemployed for 3 consecutive months, your premiums will be waived for your Basic Policy and Gro Retire Flex Pro – Protection Benefit rider for 6 months. If you remain retrenched at the end of the 5th month when your premiums are waived, you can choose to defer payment of premiums for another 6 months.

If you remain retrenched during this period, you have the option to defer the premiums for six additional months. However, when this deferment period ends, you will need to pay back the deferred premium in a single payment.

At any point when you are receiving this retrenchment benefit, when you start new employment and earn an income, you will be required to continue with the premium and this benefit will terminate.


This Gro Retire Flex retirement plan ensure that your policy can continue into the future, you may name your spouse or child as a secondary insured.

Only a spouse before the age of 65, or a child under 18 years old can be added as an option to the policy.


One can exercise this option up to three times, provided the following conditions are met:

  • You must pay the premium in cash (i.e. not SRS funded)
  • Policyowner did not name a beneficiary for this policy.
  • There has been no change to this policy regarding assignment, bankruptcy, or trust

Upon the death of the insured for the remaining policy term, the secondary insured becomes the insured of this policy.


Important Things To Note using SRS -Supplementary Retirement Scheme for Gro Retire Flex Pro

If premiums for this Gro Retire Flex Pro policy have been paid with SRS account funds, it will follow the SRS regulations, which include the following:

  • Payments, except for death benefits, will be paid to the policyholder’s SRS account.
  • The policy does not allow loans from the policy or policy assignments.
  • Cannot appoint secondary insured.


Guaranteed acceptance

Gro Retire Flex Pro plan offers guaranteed acceptance and hence eliminates stress and red tape so you can get on with living the rest of your life. You deserve the best. They give it to you.

gro retire flex gro retire flex secondary life insured

Income’s range of innovative products helps you to plan for a secure retirement.


Takeaway: You can take a proactive step toward planning your retirement with Gro Retire Flex Pro

Have an idea of how much you need when you retire? You could consider taking a proactive step towards planning your retirement with the help of Moneyline.SG – Retirement Plans For Anyone, which offers great tips on how to start planning for retirement and the various plans available at different levels.

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