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dec 2023 bto

Dec 2023 BTO Launch: Biggest (And Interesting) BTO Haul For A Long Time

The next round of BTO launch in December 2023 will be an interesting launch from HDB. One of the key reasons for that is the number of different estates that will be available for applicants to choose from. A whopping seven different estates will be featured in the upcoming launch. Four of them will fall in the traditional “mature” estate with the remaining three in “non-mature” estate.

Truly, it has been awhile since we have had such a big haul of BTO launches from HDB. The abundant of choices will make application much easier as there will be multiple popular launches to split applicants’ choices.

Insights Into December 2023 BTO Launch

  1. Bishan: Central Location Among Landed Enclave
    dec 2023 bto bishan

Source: HDB

Bishan has always been a hot favourite among BTO hopefuls. We think that this Bishan project is going to fare pretty well as well. For those wishing to apply for this project, do take note that this isn’t located in central Bishan area. Instead, it is much closer to Marymount than central Bishan. That said, they are both as central as it gets.

An interesting feature of this Bishan BTO is that it will be among the landed properties around Jalan Pintau and Jalan Minggu. While you are living in public housing, you also get the chance to be neighbours with your landed neighbours and enjoy the same amenities as them.

In terms of amenities, you have the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park that is within a 1km radius from the Bishan BTO. Catholic High School, the alma mater of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, is also within that 1km radius. On top of that, you also have Marymount MRT in the same 1km radius.

Given the central locality and convenience of amenities around the BTO, we think that the Bishan BTO is likely to be one of the top choices among applicants. The biggest question remains whether it will be classified under the Prime Location Housing (PLH). We think that it is highly likely so you might want to take that into consideration in your application.

  1. Bukit Merah: City Fringe Location With Great Amenitiesdec 2023 bto bukit merah

Source: HDB

Bukit Merah is another hot favourite among BTO hopefuls. Given the proximity of this BTO to the Redhill MRT, it will be a tough choice between this BTO and the Bishan BTO for applicants.

Like the Bishan BTO, the Bukit Merah BTO also enjoys a great central location. Its city fringe location means that, you can get to the Central Business District (CBD) within 20 minutes, be it whether you are driving or taking the public transport. As such, it is very likely to fall under the PLH scheme.

The other key appeal of this BTO is how close it is located to popular schools. Alexandra Primary School and Gan Eng Seng School are so close that your kids can just walk to school on their own.

  1. Queenstown: Likely PLH BTO With Proximity To Buona Vista, Jurong Eastdec 2023 bto Queenstown

Source: HDB

Usually, any BTO in areas like Queenstown will be a hot pick. However, this time round, it may not end up as the most popular BTO project, given the vast choices that BTO hopefuls can get.

The biggest draw for this BTO in Queenstown is that it is right next to Dover MRT station. Those who like it will find the walking distance to be a plus. However, it does come with the unwanted downside of white noise from the MRT track.

Based on the last round of BTO in October 2023, any BTO project in Queenstown is likely to be classified under the PLH. But considering the relative lack of immediate amenities (vs Bishan, Bukit Merah BTOs), would this still be a choice pick for BTO hopefuls? Or will applicants value the one-stop proximity to Buona Vista and two-stop proximity to Jurong East? Only time will tell.

  1. Woodlands: An Up-And-Coming Estate With Woodlands Regional Centredec 2023 bto woodlands

Source: HDB

Most people think about Woodlands as a faraway location, given that it is much closer to our neighbours at Johor Bahru than the CBD. But we think that there are merits in choosing this BTO if you are in for the long term. Here’s why.

Under URA urban transformation plan, Woodlands will be developed into the largest economic hub in the North with Woodlands Regional Centre at the core of it.

The revamped Woodlands region will create new spaces for business, industry, research & development, and learning & innovation in the next 15 years. New mixed-use developments like Woodlands North Coast will drive economic activities and jobs in the area.

Woodlands Central will become a new regional business hub with office, retail developments, and public plazas that are conveniently close to homes.

These two Woodlands BTOs are going to be right in the middle of all that economic activity, making it a great place to live and work.

  1. Bedok: Choice For Multi-Generational Living Or For The Elderlydec 2023 bto bedok

Source: HDB

With a history dating back to 1966, Bedok is among the older estates in Singapore. It was the 5th estate in Singapore’s urban development history. As an estate with such great history, it comes with convenient amenities like shopping malls and eateries.

The BTO is located within 500m from the Bedok North MRT on the Downtown Line. There’s also the East-West Line at Bedok MRT station, which is just 1.2km from the BTO.

But the biggest draw for this BTO will be for those families with elderly living with them. With a nursing home and the THK Home for Disabled Adults right across the street, it is well suited if you have an elderly that you need to care for.

In addition, there’s also the Community Care Apartment that is offered in this Bedok BTO. This means that you can consider applying under the Multi-Generation Priority Scheme (MGPS) with your parents if you are planning to live close to them.

  1. Jurong West: Affordable Option With Decent Amenitiesdec 2023 bto jurong west

Source: HDB

Among the list of BTO projects in the December 2023 BTO launch, Jurong West may not pop up immediately for you. But we think that this BTO does have a group of target audience that it caters to: Families looking for an affordable option.

Jurong West falls under the non-mature estate classification, which means that prices are going to be affordable, compared to the others on the list.

Beyond just price, another benefit of this location is its proximity to schools. As a parent, you don’t have to fret about getting your kid into a nearby school. Primary, secondary, and even Junior Colleges are all within the vicinity of this BTO.

However, there are some trade-offs to this location. If you are thinking about travel to the CBD, it will be much less convenient. Lakeside MRT station is several bus stops away. On top of that, Lakeside MRT is 12 MRT stops from Raffles Place MRT.

  1. Bukit Panjang: Decent Location But With Limited Units

    dec 2023 bto bukit panjang

Source: HDB

The Bukit Panjang BTO will be located in a neighbourhood of private properties. Schools are also conveniently located around the BTO, making it a potential choice for those who have a family or planning to start a family.

The town centre at Bukit Panjang is also one LRT station away, making daily living needs within easy access. However, here comes the slight complication.

With only 330 units available and split between 2-room Flexi and 4-room flats, the limited units mean that it’s going to be a tough draw for BTO hopefuls. Unless you get lucky, you may fall out of the queue number issued by HDB. If you are planning to apply for this BTO, we think it will be wise to keep a lookout for the application numbers before you commit to it.

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