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China Taiping Infinite Harvest

China Taiping Infinite Harvest (III) review 2X Lifetime payout

We’ve all heard the term “Millionaire next door”, but who said they have to be dressed in Armani suits and wear a Rolex watch and sport Ferraris? China Taiping Infinite Harvest III is a single premium, participating whole life plan designed to provide a lifetime of regular monthly cashbacks. This is perfect for ordinary people and investors, who have no illusions of becoming Bill Gates kind of rich overnight.


So what’s so special about this plan that many people are asking me about it? It’s called China Taiping Infinite Harvest.

This is my review on China Taiping Infinite Harvest (III) which is a single premium whole life endowment plan.

Infinite Harvest (III) is a single premium participating life insurance plan that pays a monthly cashback starting on the fifth anniversary of your policy.

I will go through the unique aspects of this product in this review and finally, I will share with you my thoughts about this product.


China Taiping Infinite Harvest (III) – Key Features

1. 2X Lifetime payout & leaving a Legacy

Leaving a legacy isn’t something most of us think about. After all, we’ve worked hard to raise our children and make sure they get the best education possible.

But what if you could pass on more than just your genes? What if you could leave them a legacy with an income stream, plus, a sum of money when you’re gone?

Wouldn’t that be great?

China Taiping Infinite Harvest can help you achieve this!

Leaving a legacy is possible when you purchase the Infinite Harvest Plan!

This plan pays out 2X lifetime income and sum assured upon death.

The 1st lifetime monthly payout (1X) will be to yourself, to help you through your retirement period.

The 2nd lifetime payout (1X) will be made to your children when your transfer the policy to your child (anytime after 18 year old) to fund their education, living expenses or as a stream of lifetime passive income.


China Taiping Infinite Harvest (III)

Susan, aged 35, with a one year old son, wants to create a gift of love for him with a monthly income of S$605. She puts in S$200,000 in Infinite Harvest (III) with her son as the life insured. She plans to transfer the policy ownership to her son when he turns 18 years old.


Scenario 1: Enjoy a lifetime of passive income for herself

Total Premium: S$200,000

Payout monthly income of S$605#

Total Payout : S$1,645,240

Total Payout / Single Premium : 822.62%

China Taiping Infinite Harvest III Review

Scenario 2: Enjoy a lifetime of income that last for generations

Total Premium: S$200,000

Payout monthly income of S$605#

Total Payout : S$1,328,540

Total Payout / Single Premium : 664%

China Taiping Infinite Harvest (III) review 2X Lifetime payout
#Comprises a guaranteed amount = S$240 and non-guaranteed amount = S$365 (based on Illustrated Investment Rate of Return (IIRR) of 4.25% p.a.). ## Based on IIRR of 4.25% p.a.

China Taiping Infinite Harvest 3G

China Taiping Infinite Harvest (III) 3G payout
## Based on IIRR of 4.25% p.a.

china taiping infinite harvest iii


infinite harvest iii returns

Source: China Taiping Insurance

I think it’s wonderful that China Taiping has come up with such an innovative plan!

2. It provides a lifetime of income, starting from the 5th policy anniversary. — China Taiping Infinite Harvest

5th year payout for China Taiping Infinite Harvest

The more you stay with the plan, the more you’ll benefit.

In fact, with only one-time premium commitment, you can enjoy a lifetime of monthly income, starting from the 5th policy anniversary onwards. Your monthly income consists of a guaranteed and non-guaranteed amount which could add up to 3.63% of your single premium annually, of which 1.44% is guaranteed and 2.19% is non-guaranteed.

The monthly cashback (MCB) contains a guaranteed amount and an additional non-guaranteed cash dividend, for a lifetime income for yourself and your child which makes you feel equally totally happy!!


3. The monthly cash payouts can accumulate with the insurer to earn extra interests, allowing you to save even more.— China Taiping Infinite Harvest

It’s great for customers who want to get a cash payout every month and accumulate with the insurer to earn extra interests.

If you are in need of getting a monthly cash payout, this plan will be suitable for you. The monthly cash payout is quite high as compared to other whole life plans. The accumulated cash payout will continue to earn interest. So if you don’t need the money immediately, you can leave it with China Taiping.

The only thing is that, if your main objective is to get a lump sum payout, this plan may not be too suitable for you as the monthly payouts means less money for you in lump sum payout at the point of surrender.


4. The plan also offers you Immediate access to your funds. — China Taiping Infinite Harvest

From day one, you have a guaranteed cash value of 80% of your single premium. This allows you the flexibility to access your funds whenever you need them.

This is perfect for those who are looking for investment opportunities with high liquidity.

You would not want to be tied down by an insurance plan that does not allow you to withdraw your money in the short term.


5. There are no medical underwriting requirements!

With no medical information required, you can start this plan almost immediately. And unlike other plans, the Taiping Infinite Harvest (III) policy is bought and paid for in one premium. There is no recurring premium to pay after that initial payment.


Who is suitable for China Taiping Infinite Harvest (III)?

Infinite Harvest (III) by China Taiping

1. People who want to have a 2X lifetime income generator.

2. Those who are getting ready for their retirement and want to find a long-term, low-volatile cash flow solution that will keep their assets intact.

3. Parents who want to provide an income for their children or grandchildren.

4. People who want a guaranteed issuance policy regardless of their health condition


Why should I choose China Taiping Insurance ?

In Singapore for over 80 years.

China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (CTPIS) provides a wide range of insurance services, including life and general insurance, to our customers in Singapore.

CTPIS is wholly owned by China Taiping Insurance Holdings Company Limited, which has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 2000, making it the first Chinese-funded insurer listed overseas. China Taiping Insurance Group Limited is a large transnational financial and insurance group. In 2018, its Life Business in China (Taiping Life) ranked 5th among 91 insurance companies.


How to maximize benefits from the plan? — China Taiping Infinite Harvest

China Taiping Infinite Harvest (III) review

Give a gift of Infinite Harvest (III) to your child. When he or she past age 18, you can arrange for your child to become the policy owner and continue receiving monthly income for life.

When your child passes on, his or her beneficiaries will receive an additional payout based on the death benefit of the policy at the time of death.


Conclusion – Who Suits This Product? (Our Verdict!)

Overall I am very impressed with the China Taiping Infinite Harvest (III). I like that it has a 2x lifetime payout and monthly cashback.

In short, this is a great investment opportunity for parents who want to put their money into a safer long-term investment with their children in mind.

There’s a reason it’s called “Infinite Harvest”

If it is something new to you but you are keen to know more about it, we’re here to help!

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