#Basic Bachelorette Party Ideas 2019

Congratulations! You have been recently crowned maid-of-honour, the right-hand woman of your bestie throughout her wedding preparations, and one of your most important roles will be planning her entire bachelorette’s party aka. hen’s night or hen’s do. While this might seem like a daunting task for the uninitiated, fret not, here are some foolproof #basic bachelorette party ideas for your ride-or-die gang.

1. Girls’ night out

Number 1 on the list is of course the quintessential clubbing night for a last hoorah before your bestie and bride-to-be pledges her life to a single person for the rest of her life. Spice up this idea by bringing the chiccas to a shots bar like Chupitos for kinky dare shots which cannot be listed here. Make use of the opportunity for a final wild ride before the vows.  Sweeten the deal by booking a hotel suite close to the chosen bar or club to maximise the bachelorette’s (and maid-of-honour’s) comfort before and after the big night out.

2. Old school concert or EDM festival

Bachelorette Party Ideas

If throwing back tequila shots all night is not your squad’s idea of fun, bring the group to a concert by a band that the girls have always idolised or get things turnt up at a music festival of the bride-to-be’s choice. This will be a great opportunity to live things up before the big day in a more relaxed setting compared to a club. It will probably also give the bride-to-be a change to relive her student days if she was into parties and raves back then.

Credits: Holey Moley Golf Club

3. Mini-golf in a cocktail bar

Bachelorette Party Ideas

For a different kind of clubbing experience, why not head on over to Holey Moley Golf Club with your babes for a round of mini golf in a cocktail bar! They have henpackages specially catered for groups to have a refreshing bachelorette’s experience, a wholesome yet quirky activity against the nightlife backdrop. It can be the perfect amount of chill bonding and alcohol-flushed giggles. Better yet, once the night is over, the babes will be able to bring their plus-ones in future as a double or triple date idea for even more dynamic mini-golfing!

4. Relaxing beach day

Bachelorette Party IdeasFace it, some brides prefer being out and about under the sunshine rather than dancing under the moonlight (or, more likely, in a club). For these bachelorettes, plan to have them relaxing face-down in the sand with the sun on their backs and fruity cider by their sides. Make it a budget hen’s do by packing luxurious beach blankets, gourmet-aisle snacks and supermarket prosecco and mango puree for your very own beach soirée or rent a sunbed from a beach club along the coast of Sentosa island for great vibes, music, food and company. Plus points if you remember to pack sunblock and aloe-vera gel to protect your bestie’s precious complexion before her big day.

5. Even more relaxation!

Bachelorette Party IdeasWIth the upcoming nuptials probably at the forefront of your bestie’s mind, treat her to a relaxing spa day to relieve the stress and tension in her muscles. Such a day could include booking a group yoga class, individual full-body massages, mani-padis, or even a high-tea session at a classy hotel. These would make for good fun without much effort while pampering the whole hen party and bride-to-be in the process.

Ultimately, the goal of the bachelorette’s party would be to celebrate and honour the bride-to be, by having a good time with her closest friends before the wedding. Tailor the event to her preferences and interests and the bridal party can take it from there to create special memories at the last stage of her singlehood!

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