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Axa Cancer Recover for Cancer Survivor

6 Feature of AXA Cancer ReCover Insurance for Cancer Survivors

AXA Cancer ReCover is the first plan in Singapore that is specially designed for cancer survivors. Here’s a look at why we like AXA Cancer ReCover and why we think that you should consider it as part of your financial portfolio.

  1. AXA Cancer ReCover Protects Early Stage Cancer And Even Pre-Cancer

Most cancer plans in the market insures only late stages of cancer, i.e. Stage 3 or 4 cancer. As a result, many policyholders end up having their claims rejected when they suffer from Early Stage Cancer or even Carcinoma-In-Situ (CIS) aka pre-cancer. This makes AXA Cancer ReCover one of the most comprehensive coverage plans in the market for cancer.

  1. AXA Cancer ReCover Lets You Be Covered Even If You Have A History Of Cancer

If you have ever had an episode of cancer, chances are no insurer will offer to cover you for cancer again. But unlike in the past, cancer is no longer a death sentence today. Compared to 50 years ago, the odds of survival from cancer have risen. For male, the survival rate rose from 13% to 46% while the survival rate for female more than doubled from 26% to 54%. Thus, you will need to be financially protected after you have recovered from cancer.

With AXA Cancer ReCover, you can be covered even if you have a history of cancer. The only condition is that you need to be in remission for at least 3 years. In layman terms, it means that there are no signs or symptoms of cancer for 3 years.

  1. AXA Cancer ReCover Insures You Against Recurring Cancer Because Cancers Have High Chance Of Relapse

While recovery rate is improving, the truth is that some cancers can return to haunt you again.

For instance, the recurrence rate for Advanced Stage Ovarian Cancer is as high as 80%. Not only do you have to go through the whole chemotherapy treatment again, it will also take a toll on you and your family, both mentally and financially.

Surviving one cancer episode alone is tough enough, let alone multiple cancer episodes. Thus, it is essential for cancer survivors to have adequate protection in the event it strikes again. With AXA Cancer ReCover, you can give yourself the assurance that you will be financially covered in the event of cancer recurrence.

  1. AXA Cancer ReCover Covers For New Cancer Because You Are At A Higher Risk

Did you know that a cancer survivor is 14% more likely to be diagnosed with a new cancer than someone who has never had cancer?

According to the National Cancer Institute in the US, one in six cancer patients have already battled a different cancer before being dealt a new cancer. That’s why AXA’s Cancer ReCover plan not only covers recurrence of the same cancer, it also provides coverage for new cancer diagnosis.

Event Payout
Early or Intermediate Stage Cancer 15% of the sum assured
Advanced Stage Cancer 100% of the sum assured, less any Early or Intermediate Stage Cancer claim paid previously

Table 1 – Payout for AXA Cancer ReCover plan

However, one thing that we don’t quite like about AXA Cancer ReCover is that the sum assured is capped at 100%. If you have made prior claims, your sum assured is reduce by how much you claimed previously.

  1. AXA Cancer ReCover Comes With Premium Fee Waiver Upon Diagnosis

To be honest, nobody is mentally prepared for cancer to strike. Thus, when cancer strikes, your world can come crashing down on you. At that moment in time, premiums should be the least of your concerns. You should be concentrating on undergoing medical treatments to work towards your recovery.

The plan comes with a premium waiver clause that waives your premium for 24 months when you make an Early or Intermediate Stage Cancer claim.

  1. AXA Cancer ReCover Has Free Child Cover To Protect Against Hereditary Cancer

According to scientific research, 5-10% of cancers are caused by inherited genetic mutations. This means that if you have been diagnosed with cancer, it means that your child might be at risk of one too due to genetic inheritance. With the plan’s Free Child Cover Benefit, it provides your child with free coverage of 15% of sum assured should he/she be diagnosed with any Advanced Stage Cancer.

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Thinking Of Getting AXA Cancer ReCover? Here’s What To Do Next

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