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Pandemic proof jobs

5 Pandemic Proof Jobs

When a pandemic like Covid-19 hits, the economy comes to a standstill. As such, many of us are left in a worst position than we were. For instance, those in the travel industry were asked to take voluntary unpaid leave. In other sectors, fellow Singaporeans are facing pay cuts as employers anticipate a gloomy economic outlook. However, there are some jobs that are thriving in this pandemic situations. Here are five pandemic proof jobs that are thriving even as our economy comes to a standstill.

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  1. Pandemic Proof Job 1 – Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are one of the most important resource that a country has to deal with a pandemic like the Covid-19. This was the words of our Health Minister Gan Kim Yong. Indeed, healthcare workers are at the frontline of dealing with the coronavirus and its effect on humans. They are there working tirelessly 24/7 to take care of patients and ensure that they survive in the fight against the Covid-19 virus. The job security of healthcare workers are more secured than ever, especially during a pandemic like the Covid-19.

  1. Pandemic Proof Job 2 – Teachers

You might have heard of the phrase “education never stops”. Well, that phrase is as literal as it can be. That’s why some people call the teaching job an “iron rice bowl” that will continue to feed.

You see, at the start of the Covid-19, the government was reluctant to let schools stop lessons. One of the key reasons is because schools and the teachers are actually helping parents take care of the children so that parents can go to work. If schools are stopped, then parents will have to stay at home to take care of their children.

Even now, lessons are still ongoing every day through home-based learning. Teachers have to prepare lesson materials so as to ensure that your children continues to be learning every day. So, as long as we need schools, we need teachers in the teaching profession.

  1. Pandemic Proof Jobs 3 – Accountants, Auditors

Although most businesses have switched to the ‘work from home’ mode, business are continuing as usual. For public listed companies, this means that they still need to comply with the exchange’s regulation of publishing quarterly earnings to inform shareholders of how well (or bad) the company is doing during this Covid-19 Circuit Breaker period.

If you want to report your quarterly earnings, it means that you need accountants to be on the job to manage your accounts. At the same time, you will also need auditors to be there to audit the account statements. As long as businesses continue to survive, the service of accountants and auditors will most definitely be needed.

  1. Pandemic Proof Jobs 4 – IT

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone knew that Information Technology (IT) was the up and coming trend. Anyone who works in the IT sector is not only highly paid, but also high indispensable. But more than ever,  the Covid-19 pandemic has shown us how important IT really is. If we didn’t have the IT sector to support us, our economy will be crumbling.

For example, without the right IT infrastructure set up pre-pandemic, you won’t be able to bring your laptop home to work from home. You also won’t have the luxury of meeting up with your colleagues every day on meeting apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. Without your IT colleagues, you might already have been asked to take  a pay cut, just like those in the travel sector.

Besides the IT department within your own company, there’s also the e-commerce and food delivery services which rely heavily on the latest IT technology. Without IT, nobody will be delivering your bubble tea or groceries for you.

  1. Pandemic Proof Jobs 5 – Financial Advisory

During the Circuit Breaker period, the government has closed off most businesses that are considered non-essential. Among the essential services that are still open for business, financial advisory is one of them. The reason why financial advisory is considered essential service is because of the importance of financial advisory services.

For example, if you happen to contact Covid-19, your financial advisor needs to be there to help you claim against the free Covid-19 coverage to cover for your hospitalisation. In addition, if you are hospitalised, you might also need your financial advisor to help you claim against your existing health insurance. On top of that, you will also need your financial advisor to help you readjust your financial plan to meet your financial goals, given your new state of employment (e.g. retrenched, pay cut).

So, as long as humans need to deal with finances, you need financial advisory services. Thus, financial advisory is one of those jobs that can’t be eliminated by any pandemic, be it Covid-19 or a newer virus in the future.

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