4 Reasons You Should Do A Masters Degree

Sometimes, you might wonder if there are any benefits to doing a Masters degree if you already have a regular full-time job. Read on to find out if taking some time off your career path might be a good idea to start focusing on your studies again.

  1. Expand your professional network

reasons to do a master degree

Doing a Masters will expose you to peers of different professional and cultural backgrounds, giving you an excellent opportunity to diversify your networks for your future career. Such an environment will help you hone your networking and communication skills. To some, ‘networking’ might seem like a dirty word – this will be a mindset that you will need to get rid if you want to attain more opportunities for yourself.

Networks are a great resource you can activate, especially when you need to get your foot in the door of certain industries. Your contacts might also directly or indirectly introduce you to new ideas, obscure knowledge and opportunities not known to the public long after you have graduated.

  1. Access high level management roles

reasons to do a master degree

When applying for a new job, some management level positions require candidates to have a minimum Masters degree, which already excludes you from applying for this opportunity if you only have a Bachelors’ and below. If you are in such an industry, the only way to move upwards into a management role and advance your career is by acquiring a master’s degree.

This will signal to your employer that you have the necessary skills and knowledge for your function and industry for them to hire or promote you. And simultaneously, this would also come with an increase in salary to make up for your initial investment into studying for a Masters.

  1. Legitimise your career switch

reasons to do a master degree

Short of having a mid-life crisis, after working in your chosen industry right out of school for a few years, you might wonder what your career and life might look like if you had chosen another industry. You might find it tough to apply for jobs directly in a completely different industry, as potential employers might not find your background, skills and existing contacts relevant.

One way to chase your dreams would be to buff up your resume with a Masters in your newly chosen industry or function – this will give you credibility and help your employers trust that you have the necessary skills for a career switch and give you a chance for the job.

  1. Lifetime opportunity to live and study overseas

reasons to do a master degree

Finally, if you did not have the chance when you were younger due lack of resources, pursuing a Masters can finally give you the rare chance to both live and study abroad. Depending on the Masters programme you are applying for, this could be an easily accessible way to experience a life away from home. Make use of this opportunity wisely and try to find scholarships and existing support groups (family/friends) in the destination to make this transition to living and studying abroad easier.

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