4 Enjoyable Ways to Hit your Daily 10k Step Count

More than ever, it is now even more important to keep our health and fitness levels up. Ironically, with the shifts in work arrangements, you might find yourself even more stuck in a sedentary lifestyle and staying indoors more, losing out on your dose of Vitamin D as well. 

An easy way to change up your activity levels would be to incorporate a daily goal of hitting 10,000 steps a day. An easy cardio activity to start with, you will start seeing your legs tone up and fat melt away as well as your risk of heart disease.

Though 10,000 steps might initially sound impossibly boring to accomplish, the following fun and doable ideas will make hitting this fitness goal a cinch!

step count fitness goal

1. Aesthetic hikes along treetop trails

Singaporeans and local residents are so used to travelling overseas for our dose of fresh air and nature scenes. However, the travel lockdown has basically forced us to look for nature trails to explore our local island. You can check out some of our favourite trails: Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Coney Island, MacRitchie Reservoir, and The Southern Ridges.

For bonus fun, get dressed up in your favourite exercise gear to score that aesthetic shot for instagram, to let the world know you climbed a hill and achieved your 10k steps for the day!

step count fitness goal2. Window shop till you literally drop

At the risk of burning through your wallets, window shopping does in fact help us clear our 10k steps faster than we realise. Since we are no longer confined to online shopping, stretch your legs and pump some money into the Singapore economy by doing a few laps around your heartland malls or in town. 

step count fitness goal

3. Walk your errands instead of running them

Swap out your 2-3-stop bus rides and change into your exercise outfit to trek to your nearest supermarket or post office to “walk” your errands instead of “running” them. You kill two birds with one stone and also give yourself a break from sitting in front of the computer all day. It works wonders for any muscle aches and posture problems. 

step count fitness goal

4. Take the stairs for an extra lift

Perhaps the most challenging of all the ideas: Choose to take the stairs back home instead of using the lift. Doing so will not only add to your step count but also provide more toning action for your glutes, thighs and calves. The higher the level you stay on, the luckier you are in getting your heart rate up!

If you are still keen on pushing yourself and achieve new fitness goals, this article might provide some tips to kickstart your journey: 3 Simple Steps to Build Muscles and Have a Healthier Lifestyle

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