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dealing with stress

4 Effective Ways of Dealing with Stress When You’re a Busy Entrepreneur

There’s no denying that being a business owner comes with a lot of upsides. For one thing, running your own enterprise affords you complete control over your time, company resources and operations. The opportunity to see your professional projects and aspirations come to life as a result of your own effort is also immensely fulfilling for many entrepreneurs. One marked downside of the work, however, is the amount of stress it comes with, especially if you’re a sole proprietor or work with only a few employees.

While healthy stress management is useful and important in any line of work, it’s an especially urgent skill for owners of small-to-medium enterprises to learn. After all, dealing poorly with stress will eventually take a toll on your physical and mental health and leave you unable to do the work you’re passionate about.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of simple but effective stress management techniques that even busy entrepreneurs can employ. The following tips are especially helpful for small business owners looking to relieve work-related stress:

Tend to Your Personal Well-Being

Good self-care starts with remembering to meet basic needs like food, rest and exercise—all of which can easily fall by the wayside when you’re busy. In times of stress, it’s especially important not to neglect yourself. Treat yourself to delicious, healthy meals, drink water regularly and make time for at least 7 hours of sleep and a few minutes of exercise each day.

You can also boost your well-being by making time for activities that make you happy and put your mind at ease. Spend some time every day working on a hobby or make time to hang out with friends and family members you’re especially close to. Reconnecting with your special interests and your favourite people will surely rejuvenate you and renew your sense of purpose.

If you’re spiritual or religious, meanwhile, engaging in meditation or prayer for a few minutes each day may be just the thing to help you feel like yourself again. Prayer apps like the Muslim Pro app can elevate the experience with scripture readings, audio prompts, timed reminders and other useful functions. The curious can always browse the Muslim Pro app Facebook and other social media pages for more insight on these features and users’ experiences with them.

Keep the Good Things in Perspective

Many business experts agree that acknowledging their strengths and successes is just as helpful to entrepreneurs as identifying their weaknesses and problem areas, if not more so. Thinking about the achievements and successes you’ve already earned will help you remember the progress you’ve made toward your goals. This also enables you to ground your thoughts in your present situation instead of imagining increasingly catastrophic what-if scenarios.

One helpful way to remember the things that have gone well with your business is to list them out. Take the time to write out any accomplishments and business milestones you’ve achieved since you first conceptualised your enterprise. Place this list somewhere you can see it easily, such as on your desk or on a wall in your office. Don’t hesitate to reread this list whenever you find yourself stressed out about things going wrong, and do add to it whenever something good happens.

Establish a Solid Routine

Dealing with uncertainty is frequently a major source of stress for entrepreneurs. Many business owners often find themselves bracing for sudden financial downturns, emerging trends and radically evolving customer expectations. Introducing some structure to your everyday workflows can help you and your employees adapt better to the demands of even the most unpredictable business environment.

Many business experts recommend that entrepreneurs plan out as many of their activities as they possibly can, including pursuits not directly related to work, like socialising, self-care and leisure time. Scheduling routine tasks at a consistent time can keep you feeling calm and in control as you go about your work day. It may also help you to identify your most productive hours in the day and make a habit of tackling your most difficult to-do’s during those hours. That way, you’ll be able to perform challenging tasks when your motivation and energy levels are at their highest.

Learn to Delegate

Though most small business owners prize the amount of control they have over their companies’ operations, it’s also important to recognise that you simply can’t do it all. If you try to micromanage your business all on your own, you likely won’t be doing the best work possible on every single task. Delegating or outsourcing certain aspects of your business to employees or reliable service providers instead will save you a lot of stress in the long run.

Effective delegation begins with pinpointing your particular weaknesses as an entrepreneur, so you can pass tasks in those areas to people who can do them well. If you love writing content for your company blog but can’t make head or tail of web design, hiring an in-house web designer or outsourcing the service will free you up to focus on tasks you already excel at.

Minimising your stress is good for both your health and that of your company, which is all the more reason you need to make it a major priority. Learning to effectively utilise stress management techniques will enable you to navigate work-related challenges smoothly and enjoy the many perks being an entrepreneur has to offer.


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