Want An Affordable Holiday? Make Sure You Plan Ahead For Long Weekends In 2020

OK, it is about the right time to do some planning ahead for 2020 to satisfy your travel needs. If you are looking for an affordable holiday in 2020 over the long weekends, then make sure you start planning way in advance, aka now.

Here are some ideas to help you plan for your long weekends in 2020.

  1. Enjoy A Songkran Long Weekend In Phuket

long weekend 2020

For the Thais, the Songkran period is THE most celebrated festival of the year. It is for that reason why heading to Thailand for the Songkran weekend will give you a memorable experience that you will never forget for life. During the Songkran festival, the streets of Thailand turns into a water gun and water bomb battlefield where EVERYONE gets soaked. The water fights during Songkran festival is like a dream come true of a large scale water gun battlefield you had when you were a child.

But all these water splashing at each other is not without reason. The act of getting soak symbolises that you are washing away bad luck from the past year and kick start your new year with a positive and fresh start.

Long Weekend 1: 10th April (Good Friday) + Weekend
  1. Explore Amazing Wildlife At National Parks And The World’s Largest Waterfall In Africa

long weekend 2020

Africa is one of the most underrated continents in the world, perhaps second only to Asia. There are so much Africa has to offer to the world, from amazing wildlife in the National Parks to the world’s largest waterfall (Victoria Falls) bordering Zimbabwe and Zambia.

a. Great Migration At Serengeti National Park (Tanzania)

If you are into nature and the wildlife, then make sure you check out some of these amazing wildlife tours. For starters, Serengeti National Park is the most famed National Park of all. It is the National Park where National Geographic films the Great Migration of the Wildebeest. It will leave you in awe of what nature has to offer. To get to Serengeti National Park, the fastest way is to travel down South West from Nairobi. If you want to get more out of the trip, make sure you book a few nights’ stay at the reserve such as the famous Masai Mara Private Game Reserve.

b. World’s Largest Waterfall Between Zimbabwe And Zambia

Victoria Falls is one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World and it is THE biggest waterfall in the world. It is the only waterfall in the world that has a length of more than 1km and a height of more than 100m. Victoria Falls can be heard from as far as 40km away from the waterfall and can be seen from 50km away. Nothing in this world comes close to bringing the same experience.

While you are at Victoria Falls, make sure to try the microlight flight that takes you on a bird’s eye view experience of the waterfall. For daredevils, don’t forget to check out the devil’s pool where you can experience the waterfall up close.

Long Weekend 2: Fly During The Month of May
(1st May (Labour Day) + 7th May (Vesak Day) + 25th May (Hari Raya Puasa))

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  1. Short Relaxing Trip To Bali

long weekend 2020

Bali is one of the favourite short trip destinations for tourists. In the month of July/August, Bali’s weather takes a turn for the better and offers a weekend getaway spot for an awesome lot of fun. It is also the best time to try some surfing on the beaches of Bali. Or if you prefer a quiet afternoon, you can also just chill and relax by the bar or choose to go for a traditional Balinese spa with your other half.

Also, when you are in Bali, make sure you book yourself a nice villa because it is one of the most affordable places on Earth to get a villa. Trust us, you won’t regret getting a villa stay in Bali because it will raise your whole Bali trip beyond expectations.

Long weekend 3: 31st July (Hari Raya Haji) + Weekend


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