3 Easy Hacks For Clean Eating

If you are looking for ways to tweak your diet and lead a healthier life, perhaps you might have come across this term ‘clean eating’ that you can incorporate into your current lifestyle. Clean eating refers to cutting down on “bad” ingredients in food such as oil, salt, fat and sugar. One easy way to control what goes into your diet is by preparing your own meals and watching what you eat.

Of course, it is not necessary to completely cut these nutrients out of your diet- in fact, overdoing it to an extreme can actually be unhealthy for your own body and growth. Some amounts of fat, salt and sugars are necessary for us to lead normal lives. Find out how you can incorporate clean eating into your diet with the following simple ways:

  1. Prepare your own meals at home

how to eat clean

We are pretty fortunate that in Singapore, we have a good amount of access to fresh foods and do not need to rely on heavily processed or pre-packed foods, even for meals on a budget. Eating out can be pretty healthy as there is a huge array of choices at your local food court that has lesser salt, oil and sugar.

If you are fortunate enough to have time to cook at home on weekends, you can try out meal-prepping for the week ahead. This is cooking huger portions of food in one go that you can split into individual containers for 5 week-days. Not only will this save you time and energy when you get home from work, you can choose what ingredients go into your meals and control how much oil and salt you add in your recipes.

  1. Cut down on sugary or high-caloric drinks

how to eat clean

Drinking bubble tea could arguably be one of our national past-times. In one housing area alone, there could be up to 10 bubble tea shops within the vicinity of each other. Other sugary drinks include fruit juices, or your local teh and kopi which we drink during breakfast or as a post-lunch pick me up.

All these “empty calories” slowly but surely destroy our clean eating goals. You will also be less likely to notice you are consuming a large amount of sugar since you don’t feel full from these drinks, unlike if you were to eat cut fruits instead of drinking them.

  1. Check out nutritional labels before purchasing

how to eat clean

Some days, we want to treat ourselves to some snacks or sweets – we can keep to our clean eating habits by checking the nutritional labels before buying these processed foods off the shelves. Certain items you believe to be very healthy can actually shock you! Some examples of these are breakfast cereals, granola bars, and even dairy such as milk and yogurt. It might come as a shock as children are constantly fed such sugary foods without a blink of the eye. To be safe, ensure that you look through package labels before committing to buying any foodstuff and you will be able to ensure you stick to eating clean.

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