Keeping Up with the Millennial Fits-po (fitness-inspiration)

Fitness subscriptions such as ClassPass and KFIT have been all the rage recently, where you pay a monthly subscription fee that gives you certain amount of credits to attend various classes such as barre, HIIT, yoga, pilates and spin class. These subscriptions are the perfect workout packages for working adults who need extra motivation that a regular gym membership just won’t provide.Credit: Ground Zero Facebook

Moreover, some of these trendy workout studios are super instagrammable, which gives subscribers extra motivation to hit the gyms and also explains the premium you have to fork out for them over traditional gyms. To beat the FOMO while achieving your summer bod goals, stretch out some of the following fitness hacks while protecting your wallet and increasing your workout motivation:

  1. Aesthetic-ise your workout space

A nice, easy way to kick off your fits-po journey is by creating a personal workout space at home if you have some room to spare. Pick a space with natural lighting and choose nice full-length mirror from your local neighbourhood IKEA. Invest in a few simple workout equipment such as a yoga mat,  free weights, resistance bands and most importantly, a bluetooth speaker for upbeat tunes to take your mind off the <pain> gains. If your home is lacking in space, invest in some trendy workout apparel to give you the extra motivation to head to your neighbourhood park, gym or, if they’re nice, borrow your friend’s gym facilities.

  1. Make use of free online tutorials

There are plenty of free resources online you can follow to help you achieve your fitness goals on a budget and at your own pace. Youtube has a varied collection of fitness gurus for you to choose from, be it heart-pumping HIIT routines or simple stretches to do before bedtime. The instructional videos make it visually easy to follow with encouraging pep talks that make you get your act together and best of all, you can pause the videos anytime you want until you catch your breath to begin a new set again.

  1. Jio your colleagues or classmates to workout

Another fitness hack I am sure you are familiar with, is to jio your peers to exercise together at a group fitness event – there are many free events happening every day around Singapore, including within the CBD area. If you commit to going to one after work with your colleagues, it is going to be mighty tough for you to get out of it last minute – super effective! If you still keep in touch with your CCA mates from school, suggest a get-together to hit some balls or throw some hoops to get the calories burning for old times’ sake. There might also be discounted group classes available for alumni of some schools or clubs.

  1. Take the gyms up on their trial classes or passes

Have the best of both worlds by getting fit AND attaining millennial fits-po status by signing up for the trial classes offered by trendy fitness gyms and subscriptions that usually last you for about 1-2 weeks. You can then use the moves that you have learnt during those classes to craft your own workouts at home. That way you can get over your FOMO and gain additional tips when you hit the gym or workout on your own.

Hope these tips help kickstart your fitness journey to becoming a healthier you (without breaking the bank) – do share in the comments other fitness hacks you have to stay active on a budget!

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