5 Alternative Suggestions to ‘Netflix and Chill’ this Valentine Day 2020

You know what they say is the secret to a happy relationship year after year: “New year, new ways to impress your boo”. If your relationship has entered the “comfortable” stage whereby date-night consists of having microwaved take-out in front of the television while wearing the same old sweats and tattered school t-shirt, perhaps it’s time to put in some effort to spice things up with the following alternative Valentines’ date activities during this day of love, or as the French say, Jour d’amour:

1. Craft-Making Workshops for Two

Valentine Day Suggestion 2020

A fantastic way to get to know your partner better outside of the house, and receive your own personalised product after, is by attending a crafting workshop together. Some ideas for workshops include: painting, pottery, leather/metal crafts or even cooking classes. This will probably a rare occasion where you get to see your SO out of their comfort zone, providing an excellent opportunity to encourage and support each other in learning a new craft, while having a bit of laugh. It could also be your new hobby moving forward in the new year together.

2. Shop for Matching Accessories 

Valentine Day Suggestion 2020

I know the idea of wearing couple outfits might seem so passé, juvenile and something you did with your ‘stead’ in secondary school. However, you will be surprised at the number of suitable and classy adult couple accessories you can find being sold in shops. This could range from your favourite watch brands that sell matching couple guy and girl timepieces to lingerie shops that have quirky quotes on matching couple’s underwear. If you and your boo are feeling extra adventurous and are not afraid of the commitment, why not consider couple tattoos that could mean something extra to just the both of you?

3. Explore a Whole New World

Valentine Day Suggestion 2020

If you don’t already know – Singapore is not THAT boring! No matter how much you want to stay in and binge on drama series under a blanket, remember that there is a whole new world out there waiting for you and your SO to explore. Some places you can head to for a short romantic “get-away” from the hustle and bustle of city life would be Cony Island, Lazarus Island, and even Pulau Ubin. These places might take some planning and logistics to get to, but you will be able to check out how your partner reacts in “adversity” outdoors! *cue Aladdin’s theme song*

4. DIY Couple Shoot

Valentine Day Suggestion 2020

If you have been feeling jelly seeing your other couple friends post-romantic, artsy photos on their Instagram feed, you can take this opportunity to not only create sweet memories for the both of you, but you can brush up on your photography skills and save money as well! Do some research beforehand on locations you think are suited for your photoshoot style (riding on activity #3 above), bring some matching outfits and don’t forget your tripod and remote. Consider using locations that don’t have lots of foot traffic, so that you have more time and space to get the perfect couple shot without being self-conscious.

5. Movie Date with a Twist

Valentine Day Suggestion 2020

If watching movies are already part of your regular date night repertoire, kick things up a notch and be extra romantic with a change of movie screening venue. Some alternatives to normal cinemas would be The Projector, Filmgarde Cineplex and the Arts House – these theatres would be suitable for art and culture buffs with the specially curated films and also for those that enjoy taking a step back in time and experiencing olden-day movie experience.

How about learning a new language with your one and only? Or be a budget epicurean?

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