4 Tips to Land Your Dream Job

So, you’ve finally had enough of your boss and want to re-start your job search and find the ultimate  job you’ve always dream of? Or you always had your dream goal in mind, and was just job-hopping to use the experience as stepping stones to your final destination? Whatever your current situation, below are some great tips as your navigate your search for your next job opportunity.

1. Networking

dream job

While this might seem like a nasty word to some, this is a tried, true and tested method to getting your foot into the door of a new company. A great and underrated way to access new opportunities at is through a referral. Sometimes, you might not even know you wanted to work there or if there was an opening at an amazing company if not of someone from your network reaching out to you. Moreover, the fact that YOU came to mind when considering a new hire for the open position, already places you in a good position with lesser barriers to entry, as opposed to applying for a job cold without knowing anyone inside to vouch for your skills and experience.

2. Overprepare for interviews

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Every interview is like a mini exam, NEVER go into one unprepared! As you have done in school, look for “past year questions” such as interview questions for that job position. Preparing for such questions is the basic step before any interview and the interviewer should never catch you unaware. Make sure you research the company culture, background and history, as well as the profile of persons interviewing you. If you have more time, think of ways to improve the current systems at the company you are applying for and definitely demonstrate how you can value-add to their teams if they hire you.

3. Attention to detail

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You might think that sending in your resume is no big deal and can be riddled with errors- this is your first BIG mistake. In an extremely competitive job market, any single reason recruiters can use to disqualify you from the interview process will be taken. Especially with jobs that already state ‘great attention to detail’ in their job requirements, you do not want to shoot yourself in the foot by sending through a resume with typos and bad alignment.

Second point: Always dress to impress. Depending on the culture you are interviewing for, make sure you are dressed as if you are going to work there. Don’t wear a suit and tie if you were to interview for a dynamic and casual tech startup (unless that is the culture of that particular organisation), and vice versa. And always accept if they offer you a drink- the interviewers are trying to be good hosts. 🙂

4. Never stop hustling

dream job

Never stop hustling: no matter where you go or who you meet, there is always an opportunity for you to find a new job opening or learn new knowledge that might steer you in another direction on your career path. Even if you are in a stable job, working on your side hobbies could open new and greater avenues for your career in the future. You might even decide to switch career paths altogether and find a new “dream” at the end of it, depending on your life’s changing circumstances. Having options and flexibility is something Millennials value and endeavour to have.

Plot twist: There is no dream job

If it is one thing I have learnt over the years switching jobs, it is that there is no DREAM job. Yes, you can strive towards a job you might think is THE job you will never want to quit if you manage to snag it and put all your energies into chasing it. But, ultimately at the end of the day, a job is what you make it out to be. Once you have attained your dream position, never stop creating value for the company and for yourself, so that the environment you are in will always continue to be the dream for you.

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