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  • Insurance Protection Combo

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    Whether you are a parent, working adult, planning for old age or for your child's protection, there is a package catered to everyone.

    Just answer 3 simple questions to know what it takes to protect yourself and your loved ones.

  • Parenting Protection Combo

    Be a fantastic parent by building a secured future for your family with a suite of coverage to protect against unintended consequence of your death, disability, critical illness and high medical expenses.

    Suitable for:
    Working mums and dads with huge financial commitments who want to provide for their children, spouse and parents in the event of their deaths or inability to earn an income.

    Working Adult Protection Combo

    Safeguard your ability to earn an income from life uncetainties with a comprehensive suite of income replacement plans.

    Suitable for:
    Working adults with minor family commitments who wants to ensure financial stability in the face of high medical cost and living expenses in the event of illnesses and disability.

    Retiree Protection Combo

    Enjoy the fruit of your labor by protecting your retirement fund early on with a medical war chest catered for battling the uncertain events of severe illnesses and disability during retirement years.

    Suitable for:
    Semi-retirees and retirees who wish to protect their retirement funds and not burden their children should severe illnesses and disability strikes.

    Children Protection Combo

    Show your love by kick-starting your child's financial risk management journey with a suite of life and health policies provided to stay with them through thick and thin.

    Suitable for:
    Parents who want to ensure their child receives adequate protection right into adulthood should major illnesses strike and for their hospitalization needs.
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