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China Taiping iProtect
Enjoy continued protection with auto-renewal of your policy.
Policy terms from 11 to 40 years; till age 65, 75 or 85
Insure yourself for up to 161 Critical Illness Conditions.
Annual Premium
Sum Assured
TM Term Assure II
Coverage for 11 years till age 85
Renewable Term 5/10 years
Option to Increase coverage during major life events without underwriting
Unique Riders Early Cover & Protect 1 Lite
Annual Premium
Sum Assured
Aviva MyProtector Term II
Coverage for 5 years till age 85
Option to convert to a new Endowment or Whole Life Policy without medical underwriting
Option to Increase coverage during major life events without underwriting
Add on popular riders like Early Stage CI and Multipay CI III
Annual Premium
Sum Assured
NTUC Term Solitaire
$500,000 million coverage or more
Guaranteed renewal at any term till age 100
Annual Premium
Sum Assured
AXA Term Protector
Term-to-age: You can choose to be covered up to age 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 or 99.
Renewable Term: You can also choose to be covered for a period of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years.
Choose limited payment term for 15 or 20 years for lifetime coverage
Annual Premium
Sum Assured
Manulife Signature Term
Preferred Premium Rates for Healthy Individuals
Offer quit smoking incentive (non-smoker rate for first 3 years)
Convertible to Whole Life before 65
11 - 40 years Term
Annual Premium
Sum Assured
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What is a Term insurance?

A term life Insurance is a life insurance product that simply pays out a lump sum to your beneficiary upon your death. It has a term limit which if passed will result in the termination of the policy coverage.

What are the other features and benefit of Term Insurance?

Term insurance comes with a few features such as a guaranteed renewability, insurability and convertibility options.

What is a guaranteed renewability option in a Term Insurance?

The guaranteed renewability option in a term insurance plan allows the life assured to renew the policy upon its due date without the need to go through a medical underwriting.

What is a convertibility option in a Term Insurance?

The convertibility option lets the policy owner/life assured convert their term insurance into an endowment or whole life insurance policy.

What is the guaranteed insurability option in a Term Insurance?

Some companies also have a guaranteed insurability option which allows the insured to increase their coverage upon certain life events such as:

  • Getting married
  • Having a new born
  • Complete their studies
  • Buying a new property

What are the riders available to be added for Term Insurance?

Some riders include but are not limited to:

  • Total and Permanent Disability
  • Advance Stage Critical Illness
  • Early Stage Critical Illness
  • Disability Income
  • Multiple Claim Critical Illness

What are the coverage terms available for Term insurance?

A Term insurance can provide you coverage from as short as one year or up till the age of 99.

What will be the common age range a person will choose provide coverage for?

The common choice for an insured will be to provide coverage until age 65 or 70 when they are retired or when they have fully abstained themselves from any liabilities or financial commitment to their dependents.

Are there any limited payment term insurance?

Yes. Aviva has the My Protector Legacy and AXA’s Term Protector have a limited payment term option.

Are the premium for Term Insurance Plan Guaranteed?

For most companies, the premium for the death benefit and total and permanent disability benefits are guaranteed.
Premiums for riders such as early stage critical illness and advance stage critical illness are not guaranteed and may be subjected to change in relation to the insurer’s future claim experience.

How does Term Insurance Compare with a Whole Life Insurance Plan?

A significant aspect of term life insurance is the absence of cash value. In contrast to a whole life insurance, most term life insurance does not provide any return should the policyholder surrender or terminates the plan. As a result, the premiums are usually much affordable as compared to taking up a whole life insurance.

Why should I get Term Insurance?

There are many reasons why you should get life insurance coverage, the main reason is to provide financial stability to your dependents should you die or become unable to work due to your disability or illnesses. Other reasons can be to ensure your liabilities, such as your mortgage loan, is fully paid upon your death so your dependents will not have to inherit the burden.

Business owners or corporations can get protection on their key staffs to provide compensation for their family members or to themselves within their employment period.

Given the cost and time specific requirement, getting a term life insurance may be the most efficient and economical way for an individual or company to manage a part of their financial risks.

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