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Christmas gift idea 2019

Christmas Gift Ideas Guide for 2019

For most of us, it might seem a little early to get your Christmas shopping game on, but with all the insane sales coming up, why not start thinking about what you can gift your loved ones this season whilst saving you a ton of stress and energy on last-minute shopping when the actual holiday comes around? Continue reading for Christmas gift ideas based on different hobbies:

The Gym Enthusiast

christmas gift ideas 2019

One of the latest trendy gifts you can get for any sports aficionado would be wireless earbuds that would provide massive convenience during active workout routines and training sessions. Your friends would be grateful that they no longer have to exercise around earphone cables and phones that continually get in their way. Other gift ideas for gym enthusiasts include: protein shaker bottles, a nice gym towel or sports bag, or even running tights, if you know their size.

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The Beauty Guru

christmas gift idea

It is highly possible that a self-confessed beauty guru would already own all the makeup products and equipment that they need, however, they might not yet own a fancy makeup brush cleaner or proper storage sets for their makeup. You can find such equipment at Guardian, Watsons or Miniso. Besides the usual makeup-related products, you can also consider buying them some face masks or hydrating skincare that help reinvigorate their complexion after wearing makeup for long hours. Beauty shops like Sasa or Sephora usually have Christmas-themed gift packs which saves you the hassle of wrapping them items at Christmas time.

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The Artsy Fartsy

christmas gift ideas

This category might be a little tricky if you are not super in-tuned with the exact art activities your friends or loved ones are into, but perhaps this might be the opportunity to find out! Recently, adult colouring books have become more and more popular, and easily available from Popular or online. These colouring books have beautiful, intricate templates that require lots of patience and a steady hand to finish. It could prove to be a very apt gift for your artsy friend. Besides this, you could consider buying tickets to an art gallery or art show that is coming up in the next few months, especially if it is a topic of interest for them.

The Homebody

christmas gift ideas

A classic Christmas present for homes would be candles – this season in particular gives everyone an excuse to burn special Christmas scents that can be easily bought from Yankee Candles. It is probably the only time we can shamelessly indulge in scents like gingerbread, peppermint and cinnamon!  Other homey gift ideas could include: books by their favourite author, a pack of fancy ready-to-drink hot cocoa or even this Christmas Advent Calendar box of drip coffees by Hook Coffee!

The Fashionista

christmas gift idea 2019

We all have one of them in our friend groups- super into the latest fashions and always the best-dressed even for supper at the nearby Kopitiam. If you have a slightly bigger budget for this bougie gang, consider gifting them a monthly clothing rental subscription such as Style Theory or a gift card from their favourite brand for them to choose what they want to spend it on. They might also appreciate clip-on angled lenses for their phone camera to improve their OOTD shots if they don’t already own some.

The Festival Raver

christmas gift ideas for the party animals

For friends that live to have a good time at music festivals and raves, the most practical thing you can get is a fanny pack that they can keep all their valuables in and sling around their neck and shoulder, making it super accessible and safe from pick-pockets in the suffocating crowds during raves. Rave accessories that can be gifted include: metallic stick-on tattoos, highly-pigmented body glitter, and a good pair of (non-white) sneakers if their previous ones were ruined by muddy grounds or jumping party-goers.

The WanderLuster

christmas gift idea for the seasoned travellers

There are many practical gift options to be bought for avid travellers. Number one useful thing that comes to mind would be a firm travel pillow for those long journeys with uncomfortable seats or even better, an anti-theft backpack – these are extremely useful in countries that are infamous for pickpocketing tourists. If you would like to splurge on them slightly (or even extravagantly based on your budget), you could check travel deals over the Christmas period and surprise them with flight tickets for an overseas Christmas holiday!

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