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4 Best Whole Life Insurance Plans Singapore 2024 (Updated)

Yes, you read it, whole life insurance plans are known for their high premiums and can be a bit more complex as compared to a term life insurance.

Aviva MyMultipay CI Review

[Review] Aviva MyMultipay CI III One of the Best Critical Illness Plan

The Aviva MyMultiPay CI III is a one size fits all recurrent critical illness coverage plan that one should consider when it comes to providing comprehensive protection in the event of early to late stage critical illness

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[Analysis] 3 Best Recurrent Multi Payout Critical Illness Plan in Singapore

The main concern of those who have suffered from critical illness is their ability to be insured again. According to AIA Health Matters Survey 2016, “more than 9 in 10 (94%) find it challenging to purchase another Critical Illness (CI)

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3 Best Retirement Plans in Singapore (Updated 2024) In Terms of Coverage, Guaranteed Returns and Flexibility

CPF Life makes a good Retirement plan in the sense that you get a fixed amount of pay-out each month following retirement. However, as mentioned in our CPF article, the amount of pay-out may not be adequate to fulfil one’s

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How Much Should I Spend On Insurance Per Month?

In Singapore, we all know that simply relying on government initiatives such as MedishieldLife or Dependent Protection Schemes to fully cover their insurance needs is just not enough. This is why many people take on additional private insurance policies.

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Critical Illness Vs Early-Stage Critical Illness Insurance- Do You Need Both?

Do you know that the incidence of cancer in Singapore has risen sharply in recent years? Every day, about 36 people are told that they have cancer. But the good news is that the survival rate has been increasing as

HDB Grants and Scheme for BTO

10 HDB Grants and Schemes For First Time HDB Buyers – Moneyline.SG

Just entered into a new life stage and planning your finances to see how you can own your first HDB? Then this is definitely the article that you got to check out because it will help you save time and


Read, Compare, Save! Because You Simply Deserve The Best! Compare Insurances

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Cheapest Conveyancing Lawyer Service in Singapore

Manage your home purchase cost with competitive conveyance service. Buying a home comes with many unforeseen fee such as conveyancing, insurance and additional buyer stamp duty.

HSBC Life Protect Advantage

[Review] HSBC Life Protect Advantage – Multiplier for Life

To help our readers make better financial decisions, we are going to dissect the HSBC Life Protect Advantage and find out whether it is a good plan for Singaporeans to consider.