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August 2019 BTO

August 2019 BTO Review: Focus Is On The Future Developments

For those of you who missed the previous BTO (Built-to-order) launch, listen up. Your opportunity to grab a ballot number for a BTO of your choice is coming to you once again. In less than a week’s time, application for the August 2019 BTO Launch will be open. While the choices appear to be limited in this month’s BTO Launch, you might still find potential investment gems if you do your due diligence.

To help our readers (aka you) make a smarter move for your BTO choice, here’s our August BTO Launch guide for potential homeowners.

August BTO Launch: It’s All About The Future Development

Unlike typical BTO launches, the August BTO Launch is probably one of the most lopsided launch you will see. All 3 projects slated for the August BTO Launch are located on the outskirts of their respective estates. This is something that we don’t typically see in BTO Launches. That being said, it doesn’t mean that the August BTO Launches aren’t worth your time for more due diligence. Here’s why.

  1. Tampines August 2019 BTO

August 2019 BTO Tampines

With the Tampines estate already reaching saturation point, HDB has started to make use of the land on the ‘outskirts’ of Tampines. This plot is one of them.

While the plot is officially classified under the Tampines estate, you will probably notice that this plot sits much closer to Pasir Ris than Tampines. The nearest MRT station (i.e. Tampines) is about 2.8km away and it takes you about 20 minutes to reach by public transport.

The only (existing) plus points about this plot is that (1) It is so near to IKEA and Giant that you can head there for dinner every other day and (2) The TPE is just behind your backyard, making it easy for you to commute if you own a car.

Value Could Rise In Years To Come As The Area Develops

At first glance, this plot in Tampines might not catch your attention, especially when your nearest neighbours are the Giant Hypermarket and the dormitories. But here’s what you should consider: The future development potential of this plot.

Tampines North MRT

By 2030, Tampines North MRT will be up and ready for usage. If you do some quick calculation, you will realize that the Tampines North MRT will be open at around the time where you would have completed your minimum occupation period (MOP) of 5 years. This will give your home’s valuation a huge boost at the point of sale.

Integrated Commercial/Residential Building

Besides that, an integrated commercial/residential building is on the planning map at the moment. This could drive rental demand in the area for homeowners who are looking to rent instead of selling your flat at the end of your MOP.

  1. Punggol August 2019 BTO

August 2019 BTO

While Punggol isn’t exactly near the saturation point of development like Tampines, HDB has already started exploring the outskirts of Punggol. In the upcoming launch, there will be 2 plots in Punggol. Both of these plots will be located in the Northeastern part of Singapore where you can claim that Coney Island is your neighbour. Besides that, you could probably locate buildings in Johor Bahru from your future unit.

Mobility To Improve In The Punggol Estate

One of the downsides of living in the Punggol estate is public transport. You will first have to hop onto the LRT before you can transfer to the North-East line (Punggol station). But things will change for the better by 2023 when the Punggol Coast station will be up and running. This will make your commute journey better and improve your commute time to travel towards the CBD.

Immense Development Potential As Singapore Develops Its Digital Economy

Before you start lamenting that these 2 plots in Punggol are too far from the Central Business District (CBD) for your liking, put that prejudice aside first. That’s because these 2 plots in Punggol are within close proximity of the future of Singapore: The Punggol Digital District.

Punggol Digital District

The Punggol Digital District Masterplan was announced in 2018 and slated to progressively open in 2023. The Punggol Digital District will create around 28,000 new jobs in info-communication and technology (ICT) such as cyber-security, data analytics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

If you are a contributor to the digital economy already, you could find yourself working in the Punggol Digital District in years to come. That puts these 2 plots in Punggol in close proximity of your future workplace.

Singapore Institute of Technology Campus

As part of the Punggol Digital District Masterplan, the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) campus will be housed in the Punggol Digital District. This could drive future demand for rental in the area as talents from all over the world start to buy into the whole Punggol Digital District project.

Proposed Health & Medical Care Facility

According to the URA Masterplan, there will also be a health and medical care that is slated to be built in the vicinity of the Punggol plot. The presence of a health and medical care facility is a typical sign of the future development of the estate as Singapore’s urban planners expect the population to boom in the estate.

Making The Right Choice Makes A World Of Difference

When it comes to buying a home, making the right choice makes a whole world of difference. Not only is it important to choose the right location and the right flat size, the choice of your home loan is also pretty vital. The right choice of home loan can create a lot of interest rate savings for you if you play the right cards.

Thus, while you decide on the best home location, make sure to also check out ways to compare home loans and find the best home loan package here.


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